Spring Season Essentials You Can Buy from LOFT Japan

Embrace the great outdoors!

Spring season in Japan is a time for admiring the beautiful cherry blossoms, but for some people, it means having to dodge the mass of pollen in the atmosphere. For those who have to deal with these allergies,
LOFT Shibuya Branch has items that can help protect you from the pollen, but also allow you to enjoy Mother Nature at her best! Read on to know more.



LOFT Shibuya branch, you can find several functional and fashionable masks that you can use during the season. One of them is the PITTA MASK (3 masks for ¥512), which is made from soft and stretchy polyurethane, intended to make the mask stick to your face.

New colors, such as khaki and navy for regular-sized masks, and pastel (salmon pink, lavender, baby pink) and chic colors (light gray, white, soft beige) for the small-sized masks, have been released this year. The variety of colors available will make it easier for you to coordinate your masks with your outfit.

Season 1 Mask Refresh

Season 1 Mask Refresh by Biken


Wearing a mask for long hours can cause some discomfort and can even develop an unpleasant odor. In such cases, we recommend that you spray essential oils over the masks.

LOFT has the
Season 1 Mask Refresh (¥1,512 each), which is an essential mist that’s available in three different scents. These scents include mint (a peppermint and eucalyptus-based scent), fruity (a sweet orange and bergamot scent), and squash (a lemongrass and black pepper-based scent). You can spray your preferred scent over your mask before heading out.

Pure Supply Portable Air Purifier

Pure Supply by Daisaku Shoji

For people who are especially sensitive to pollen, we recommend that you purchase a portable air purifier. LOFT’s
Pure Supply (¥13,500) is an air purifier that you can hang around your neck. The negative ions it emits can help eliminate the pollen within your breathing zone. With just two or three hours worth of USB charging, you can use the device for about 120 hours. Aside from this, the air purifier doesn’t have a filter, making it very low-maintenance.

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