This Muji Store Is Taking Steps in Reducing Plastic Waste

The global flagship store in Ginza does not carry plastic bags or plastic straws.

3-3-5 Ginza, Chuo District, Tokyo
Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.
How to get there: It’s a 3-minute walk from exit B4 of Tokyo Metro Ginza station, or exit 5 of Tokyo Metro Yurakucho station, or a 5-minute walk from Central exit of JR Yamanote Yurakucho station.

goal has always been to be a platform for building better connections between people, people and nature, and people and society. The new Ginza global flagship store is committed to catering to everyone -- from tourists all over the world visiting Ginza, those living and working in the area, and producers who are creating new products to sell here. Based on the customers’ needs, MUJI wants to provide the necessities in their everyday lives. Together with MUJI HOTEL GINZA and MUJI Diner -- two first for Japan -- the brand intends to spread the idea of “a Simple, Pleasant Life” to the world.

Everyday Necessities

You can find almost anything you need for every day such as socks, innerwear, towels, slippers, toning water, and more. They aim to make it easy to understand not only the quality and price of the goods, but also the background information and the meaning behind them.

The goal is to provide basics for everyday life.

Introducing new products and services at the flagship store.

New to the Ginza flagship store offers a variety of new products and services including a regular stock of 30 to 50 fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables -- including organic varieties and those produced with less agrochemicals -- from farms throughout Japan, particularly the prefectures neighboring the Kanto region. Apart from a tasting service throught the day, customers can also learn about what goes into the harvesting of the fruits and vegetables they are purchasing. Producers have the chance to sell their goods in the store. Field tours for customers are also in its planning stages.

In the future, customers can take field tours.

Fresh juice, made to order with seasonal fruits and vegetables, is provided at the Juice Stand. You can also have soft-serve ice cream made with Shinrinno Bokujo Jersey milk straight from the ranch, a popular item at Café&Meal MUJI. The Juice Stand is a nice space where you can sit back and take a quick break.

You can have made-to-order juice at the Fruit Stand.

A daily favorite are the fluffy bread rolls from the bakery. There are also sandwich rolls made with seasonal ingredients; cream-filled bread made extra creamy thanks to Honwa Kato sugar; and anko jam bread made with adzuki beans from Kyoto available. These are baked freshly in-store and customers of all ages can enjoy them.


Freshly baked bread are also available.

Thirty-two varieties of blended tea made from three base teas -- organic green tea, roasted green tea, and rooibos tea -- are sold by weight. The teas are blended after the order is taken, so customers can watch the blending process and enjoy it at its freshest.

Choose from 32 varieties of tea blends.

Daily bentos that highlight the natural flavors of their ingredients, rice bowls, noodles, salads, sliced fruit and more are available for sale. A new delivery service for daily bentos is also available to customers around Ginza (Chuo, Chiyoda, and Minato wards). You can use your MUJI passport APP to order a daily bento up until the morning of the day, and delivery will be made according to the designated time frame.

A personalized service for your books.

You can not only buy and read books, you can also customize the book to make it your very own. Customers can personalize books in different ways, such as to re-bind it (you can choose the cover and the content of the book) or make a deluxe edition by adding photos to it. A card printing service using a letterpress printing machine is also available in-store.

Make a book your own by customizing it.

Need help with anything?

Specialized staff members are on-site to help customers create their ideal home by tackling the storage problems, helping with product selection, and even providing advice on how to coordinate the entire home. There is a wide variety of support services, such as advisers who could visit customers' home to help replace light bulbs, clean the blinds, and resolve any other inconveniences in daily life.

You can have a bite at MUJI Ginza any time of the day.

At MUJI, “simple food” is delicious. The MUJI Diner, which is located at B1F, is a great place for families, friends, and solo diners to enjoy the menu offerings any time of the day. MUJI Diner is a place where you can enjoy "simple food" that is delicious and good for health in a comfortable and roomy space. For breakfast (MUJI Diner’s breakfast hours are from 7:30 to
11:00), the theme is starting the day by tuning up the body. The store provides simple and healthy sets such as freshly made soy milk porridge, rice ball, miso-soup, freshly baked bread, fried egg, etc. Lunch hours begin at 11:00 and end at 3 in the afternoon. The delicious set menus and special menus offer fish freshly delivered from Odawara fishing port every morning as well as salad bar. Dinner service starts at 5p.m. until 11 in the evening. The menu reflects the theme of "eating around the table.” The seafood is directly delivered from Odawara fishing port and meat and vegetables which are carefully selected from their production field to make dedicated dishes which is delicious and fresh.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are served at MUJI Diner.

Seafood is delivered fresh from the Odawara fishing port.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Disposable plastic bags and straws harm the environment. In an effort to reduce the damage, neither plastic bags nor plastic straws are provided at MUJI Ginza. Instead, paper bags of which the material and size are reviewed are provided. Customers area also encouraged to bring their own bag by offering MUJI passport miles to those who do so. In addition to plastic straws in the food section, MUJI Ginza is actively making efforts to reduce plastic waste by using paper plates and cutlery for tasting services.

 (24 April 2019)

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