This Award-Winning Sake Brewery Also Has a Skin Care Line

It has something to do with a common ingredient.

Whether you are in a hot or cold place, your skin can get dry. While others are genetically blessed with plump skin, every skin type still needs moisturizing. This is what the award-winning
sake brewery, Tonoike Shuzoten believes. The brewery in Tochigi prefecture also has their own skin care line, Kuramoto Bijin.

You might be wondering why a
sake brewery also produces cosmetics. Back in the day, female workers noticed that their hands were still smooth and translucent even if they would use their hands in sake production. Even the glow on their faces was noticeable and they thought that it might be because of the steam coming from the cooking of fermented rice. From there it was researched and concluded that it was because of the sake’s natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, among other skin beautifying components. The Japanese women also believe in the beautifying power of rice—not the alcohol.

We tried some of their popular products to share with you what we think about them.

Sake Kasu Face Wash

Sake Kasu Face Wash
(¥1,674) is a luxurious facial wash that is made up of more than 95% beauty ingredients that come from rice. With just a small amount, you can create a rich foam that will gently cleanse without having to scrub your skin—an important factor in achieving wrinkle-free skin like the Japanese. While other brands only prevent stripping off skin moisture, this product goes beyond that. It hydrates your skin with collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which we all know are vital ingredients to any skin care product.

Fermented Hakumai Maromi Cleansing Soap

If you are a sucker for anti-aging skin care products, this is definitely recommended to get rid of dirt and oil. The
Fermented Hakumai Maromi Cleansing Soap (¥1,080) also cleans pores and works as a gentle exfoliator. This can be your facial wash game changer as it already consists of more than twenty nutritious ingredients from rice and fruits. One soap will go a long way because with just a few slides on your foaming net, you can create a good lather that’s enough to cleanse your face.

Sake Kasu Keshosui (Toner)

Using a toner after cleansing your face will help prepare and condition your skin for the next products that you will apply.
Sake Kasu Keshosui (¥1,890) is made from the waters of Nikko Renzan mountains, which is also the water used for sake brewing. For best results, we recommend two pumps of the toner onto a cotton pad and apply by tapping into skin. You’ll be surprised that your skin already feels plump and looks bright.


All-in-One Nyueki (Essence)

All-in-One Nyueki
(¥1,728) is a rice bran essence but as the name implies, it alone can work as toner, lotion, and essence in one. It has a light texture which makes it easy to apply all over the face. This is perfect for those who are always on the go in the morning or those who are looking for their first skin care product.

Biofermainte All-in-One Biyou Serum

Biofermainte All-in-One Biyou Serum
(¥3,300) works as a toner, essence, emulsion, cream, and skin brightener in one. If you’re into that healthy dewy makeup look, you may want to use this on top of the All-in-One Nyueki, so it won’t look flat even after you have applied a matte foundation. We especially love that it has a pump dispenser making it easy to control the amount you apply per use. With just one pump, you can already feel that added moisture. It will leave your skin a bit tacky, but we find it an advantage because you won’t need to apply a makeup primer anymore. Who needs primer when your skin care already does the job?

The other best thing about Kuramoto Bijin’s skin care products is that they only use natural ingredients. They are free from any harmful ingredients, so even those with sensitive skin can use them.

You can get these from Tokyu Hands and Amazon Japan, or if you are already in Tochigi, you might want to go directly to their shop and get to know how they create their sake at the
Tonoike Sake Brewery.

 (22 April 2019)

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