LOOK: The Zoff x Gaspard et Lisa Eyewear Collection Will Make You Look Classy

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In celebration of its 20th anniversary this year,
Gaspard and Lisa collaborated with the famous Japanese eyewear brand Zoff to produce a new collection called the Zoff x Gaspard et Lisa. The first-ever collaboration series features two types of eyewear—the Macaron Line and the Esprit Line—which were both produced with a theme of Gaspard and Lisa living in Paris.

Gaspard and Lisa in Paris for the new eyewear collection

Left: Creators of Gaspard and Lisa: Husband and wife
Georg Hallensleben (illustrator) and Anne Gutman (writer). Right: An original eyewear case and cleaning cloth come with every purchase!

The Zoff x Gaspard et Lisa collection has twenty-six designs that come in exciting colors. These are combined with nostalgic and antique-style frames to match Gaspard and Lisa’s motif.

Here’s a sneak peek of the collection at one of the Zoff branches in Harajuku:

At the Zoff flagship store
in Harajuku

The simple interior makes the colorful eyewear stand out.

Zoff Harajuku Branch
was renovated and recently reopened last December. Since Harajuku is known for being a multicultural location that showcases new trends, an event that celebrates the mix of art, music, fashion including eyewear is also being held here.

Look for Gaspard and Lisa at the Zoff x Gaspard et Lisa corner of the store!

The Esprit Line represents Paris’ style

Check out the cute and charming Macaron Line!

Aozora Tsuzuki wears the Oval type from the Macaron Line in beige. Other colors include brown, pink, and dark gray.

Oval type from the Macaron Line (¥7,000 tax excluded, with regular lenses) has four different designs with 14 variations. Its light colors and translucent, clear tones make the eyewear really cute. It also gives a simple yet refreshing aura on one’s face.

eft: An illustration and a message can be found on the temples. Right: The eyewear also features cute temple tip designs.

The inner frames of the temples showcase a classy gold core, Gaspard and Lisa’s illustration, and a message that says “Gaspard and Lisa are real Parisians.” In addition to this, the temple tips have the shapes of Gaspard and Lisa’s faces.

The spring-like colors of the Oval type eyewear give Tsuzuki’s face a soft impression.

Wellington type, on the other hand, has a bigger frame than the Oval type. It is available in various colors such as red, black, green, and brown.


The Wellington type from the Macaron Line in red.

Some designs in the Macaron Line are made from metal and plastic materials. The temples are decorated with tiny stripes, channeling the French casual style.

The Boston type, from the same line, has fun little details on the temples.

On the inner side of the frames, you can find the two characters and their logo design. The bigger frame, which is the
Boston type, is available in black, green, and red, while the smaller one with the sharper image, the Oval type, has three colors: pink, blue, and brown.

Aside from the Macaron Line, the Esprit Line (¥9,000 tax excluded, with regular lenses) makes use of a tricolor pattern and antique styling to achieve a chic Parisian look. The line has four different designs and 12 variations to choose from. Flexible and sturdy beta titanium is used for the temples of all the models in this series.

The Boston type from the Esprit Line in demi design

“The demi design of the Boston type makes any outfit look better. It’s stylish and doesn’t come off too strong with its curved frame,” says Tsuzuki.

The end pieces are Cloisonné ware in black and white, representing Gaspard and Lisa respectively.

Wellington type from the Esprit Line is highly recommended for men. Its deep colors and vintage style gives off a mature look and makes for the perfect eyewear for both casual and business scenes.

Wellington type in demi design. Also available in red and navy.

Esprit Line’s metal series are the
Fox and Crown Panto types that are a hot trend in Paris right now. By using techniques that make the colors of the eyewear frames deeper, the glasses project a sophisticated impression. The temples are playfully decorated as well.

The Crown Panto from the Esprit Line in blue.

Top: Fox, Esprit Line. Bottom: Crown Panto, Esprit Line.

A striped ornament is attached to the temples.

They come with a cute original eyewear case that’s inspired by airmail.

Do take note that stocks may be limited depending on the branch. It’s best to inquire first before going to the store!

© 2019 Anne Gutman & Georg Hallensleben / Hachette Livre

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (26 February 2019)

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