Stay Cool in Style by Following These Japanese Summer Trends

Beat the heat while keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Japan knows how to handle their hot and humid summers by staying fit, hip, and fresh while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. These simple and clean tips will help you stay cool and fresh under the scorching heat. Here are the latest summer trends for men:

Short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts

Japan knows their fabrics, and these cool cotton tees come in various colors and are easy to coordinate.

Three punch needle stitch pigment T-shirt /koe

Ethical pocket T-shirt/koe

Open color shirt1/SEVENDAYS = SUNDAY



Japanese men tan easily. To avoid getting sunburnt, they use thin cotton cardigans or a trendy denim jacket that’s cool on the skin. You can even wear it over your waist when indoors.

12G RC Button less cardigan/koe 

Button-down denim shirt/CRAFT STANDARD BOUTIQUE


Shorts are in style and are best paired with sneakers. This simple but classic look will raise your
pogi points for sure.


Tuck wide shorts/SEVENDAYS=SUNDAY


Sandals are the latest comeback trend. Not only are they cool on the eyes, but they’re also cool on the feet. Complete your look with a casual pair of sandals.


Nylon wide shorts/ SEVENDAYS=SUNDAY

Long pants

The skinny jeans trend has not caught on in Japan, especially during summer. Straight cuts or loose pants, however, are the staple styles for pants.

One tuck tapered pants/ SEVENDAYS=SUNDAY

Typewriter wide tapered pants/ 

Straight denim pants/ CRAFT STANDARD BOUTIQUE

Japanese men’s fashion is so unique -- you can identify a Japanese person just by looking at what they wear. Learn from the trends and change up your style this summer with the current summer wear.

 (8 April 2019)

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