These Stylish Yukata Pieces from Japan Are Giving Us Major Fashion Inspo

It's yukata season!

Have you ever heard of the word “
yukata”? Most people often mistake it for the kimono, which has many layers and is only worn on formal occasions. Yukatas, however, are more casual, less expensive, and are usually worn during the summer season and on special affairs such as fireworks festivals and shrine events. In addition to this, it is made from breathable materials and is worn by both men and women.

What is the difference between a yukata and a kimono?

are typically made out of cotton. It can either be worn at home as a bathrobe or outside for fashion.  

, in contrast, are made out of silk. They are worn on formal events such as Japanese wedding ceremonies and school graduations.

How many patterns of yukata are there?

There are a variety of patterns available for
yukata garments. These patterns change every year depending on the latest fashion trends. However, the pattern choices available for men’s yukatas are not as vast as that of the women’s.

Choosing a specific type of pattern is often used to portray what the Japanese people call “
ime-chen which means a change of image.

Below are the different types of
yukata patterns you can find in Japan:

Elegant Patterns

These pattern designs are the epitome of Japanese tradition and show timeless class and elegance. 

Hanabishi Shippo Patterned Yukata from SEVENDAYS = SUNDAY

Natsu No Budou Patterned Yukata from AMERICAN HOLIC

For the men, their
yukata designs mostly focus on muted colors and simple accents.

Men’s Kasureshima Patterned Yukata from SEVENDAYS = SUNDAY

Men’s Tatejima Patterned Yukata from CRAFT STANDARD BOUTIQUE

Chic Patterns

For those who want an elevated look, we recommend the chic pattern. This style is more modern and incorporates plenty of contemporary designs. These patterns are said to make women look more feminine and gorgeous.  

Kikagaku Patterned Yukata from YECCA VECCA

Tanshoku Geometric Patterned Yukata from Lugnoncure

There are also cool designs for men as well.

Men’s Kikagaku Patterned Yukata from koe

Cute Patterns

This pattern usually highlights floral, cheerful, and brightly-colored designs.

Retro Flower and Stripe Patterned Yukata from earth music & ecology

Bokashi Botan Patterned Yukata from Te chichi

After choosing your
yukata pattern, another thing you have to consider is your obi knot. There are two types of obi knot -- a ready-made one which you can slip on like a belt, and one which you have to tie and adjust by yourself. You can also choose the way you tie the obi belt depending on your yukata pattern.


Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (10 May 2019)

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