These DAISO Raincoats Will Keep You Dry While Looking Stylish

Who says you need to sacrifice fashion for comfort?

While Japan is already starting to feel the summer heat, it is yet to experience the rainy season which usually lasts from June to July for most parts of the country. As early as April, you will already see shop displays with stylish and functional raincoats, umbrellas, and rain boots. This is because the Japanese take it seriously when preparing for the rainy days. The weather forecast is usually accurate, so when it says it will rain 100%, you better have your umbrella or raincoat with you when you walk out. You wouldn’t want to ruin your outfit, right?

During these rainy days, we usually opt for just an umbrella. And the good thing about Japan is that you can purchase their famous plastic umbrellas even from kiosks at train stations. But we all know what happens with our OOTDs if we only have our upper bodies protected from water.

With our recent visit to a DAISO branch in Japan, we found these designed raincoats that we thought can work nicely with any outfit.

Medium size (Height: 165 – 175 cm), ¥200 tax excluded

Large size (Height: 175 – 185 cm), ¥250 tax excluded

They came up with two sizes and designs that can be worn by both men and women.

They are made with soft and light material making it comfortable to wear.

We love that it comes in a handbag, so we can carry it or slip it inside our bag when we’re not using it. Would you use these stylish raincoats to keep dry?

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (May 2019)

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