SEGA Game’s Newest Release Fulfills Your Dream of Joining the Olympics

Let the games begin!

Nowadays, it’s easy to experience almost anything with virtual reality. Case in point: SEGA Games Co., Ltd. developed a new gaming software called Tokyo 2020 Olympics The Official Video Game™ for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™ which lets gamers get a feel of what it’s like to compete in the Olympics. Apart from creating immersive environments for them, the software also lets them customize their avatars so that they can look exactly like them. What’s more, the game contains the 16 most popular sports of the Olympic Games.

Here’s a sneak peek of SEGA’s newest release:


In “Athlete” mode, you can create avatars for yourself and your team members. This function allows you to customize your avatar's country, region, appearance, voice, dominant hand, and many more. On the locker room, you can save up to 100 different avatar types.

Country/ Region

The gaming software lets you choose from 80 countries or regions.


You can select a base player to edit. The style function neither increases nor decreases the avatar’s abilities.


For physique, you can choose from a “muscular”, “normal”, or “heavy” body type. Since the height, width, and muscle mass can also be adjusted, you can create a variety of avatars with different physical appearances and age groups. In addition to this, you can select from 14 preset colors for the skin.

Face Parts

Aside from the physique, you may also change your avatar’s hairstyle, eyes, and nose, as well as add smaller details like, freckles, beards, and face paint. Using the “More Detailed Editing” function, you can adjust these features in terms of position, size, or density in more detail.


Even your avatar’s voice can actually be customized! There are a total of 20 types of voices you can select from. Each of them varies from the other in pitch.


There are three ability types which you can give to your avatar. These are the “Power Type”, "Speed Type" and "Technique Type".

The “Power Type” gives your avatar high power but slow speed. The “Speed Type”, on the other hand, gives it high speed but low technique. Meanwhile, the “Technique Type” gives it high technique but low power.

Each of these types has three variations. You can choose from nine different parameters according to your preferred player’s style.

Dominant Hand

You can set your avatar’s dominant hand in certain sports like boxing, table tennis (singles/doubles), tennis (singles/doubles), baseball, basketball, football, and beach volleyball. In baseball, the right throw or left throw and right strike or left strike can also be set.



The sportswear options will, of course, vary depending on the sport that you’re about to play. You can choose from over 20 different costumes, 10 hats and masks, and later change their colors at the start of the game.

By using the points obtained by participating in a competition, you can unlock more costumes and accessories as you progress. Through this, the costumes can easily be set for each competition and team member. There is also a copy and paste function, so you can conveniently copy the set costumes to your team members.


As a finishing detail, you can set your avatar’s name to your own. This makes the whole experience all the more authentic.

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Originally published on PRTIMES.

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