You Can Bring Home This Japanese Summer Tradition With This Fun Machine

Nagashi somen or flowing noodles in the comfort of your own home!

One of the many fun summer experiences in Japan is called nagashi somen or flowing noodles. Thin somen noodles are flowed through a bamboo cut in half, and people attempt to catch the noodles with chopsticks as they flow down the bamboo. Then, they dip them in tsuyu soup base before having a hearty bite.

This activity has had a fairly short history -- since 1955 -- but nowadays people just can’t march into the supermarket, pick up a bamboo, and cut it in half. Now, there are many products that attempt to emulate the same experience.

One of them is the newest product of Hiro Corporation called the Water Slider Nagashi Somen HT-S 337 that was revamped this year.

The Water Slider Nagashi Somen was very popular last year as well. The main unit is a dry cell battery, making it portable to be enjoyed at home or in the great outdoors.

No doubt it will be the highlight of home parties and even during dinner times. The slider part is removable, so you can enjoy only with the base part.

The total length of the slider is about 260cm, the elevation about 40cm making for a fairly strong flow.  Since the water is circulating, there is no need to add it.

Watch the video below to see how it works!

Originally published on PRTIMES.

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