These Chic Cleaning Tools from MUJI Will Make You Excited to Sweep the Floor

Plus, they're not as expensive as you think!

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Mujirushi Ryohin
, also known as MUJI, has tons of stylish and fashionable products. While the brand may seem too expensive, that’s actually not the case at all. Their hotel is probably something we can only dream of checking into, but you can get durable, stylish, and affordable products from the store.

has everything to suit everyone’s needs. One neat product (see what we did there?) we found is this pole that can be connected to various brushes and cleaning tools.

Cleaning System Aluminium Telescopic Pole
(Extendable to 2.5 times of its original length for 68~116 cm) (¥390 inclusive of tax)

By using this in various types of brushes and tools below, you can use it everywhere. Also, because it can be extended, you can clean everything from the floor to the hard-to-reach ceilings. What’s more, since it is made from durable aluminum, it will surely stick (pun intended) around for a long time.

Carpet Cleaner for Cleaning System

Carpet Cleaner for Cleaning System (¥390 inclusive of tax

This is a must-have for those who want their carpets free of dirt, dust, hair, or fur. After you roll this around on the carpet, simply remove the paper from the roll a sheet at a time!

Cleaning System Broom

Cleaning System Broom (¥490 inclusive of tax

Take your
walis to the next level with this tool perfect to use on floors unprotected by carpet. The joint part also enables the broom to move from side to side, so you can adjust the angle of the broom to clean even the smallest spaces.

Cleaning System Microfibre Mop (Dry) / Microfibre Mop (Wet)

Cleaning System Microfibre Mop (Dry) And Microfibre Mop (Wet) (¥490 each inclusive of tax)

Mops are more cost-efficient than disposable sheets. Use the dry one for cleaning in a jiffy, or the wet one if you have more time on your hands. Either way, they are both made of microfibre, which is both super-absorbent and quick-drying!

Cleaning System Squeegee

Cleaning System Squeegee (¥550 inclusive of tax

Clean ‘em like the pros! Use the sponge to scrub any flat surface, flip it right over and use the squeegee part to wipe off excess water. It’s perfect for cleaning windows, glass panes, mirrors, and even walls.

Cleaning System Deck Brush

Cleaning System Deck Brush (¥490 inclusive of tax

For the entryway and decks where dry dust and particles, or wet dirt from the outside or the rain, using this deck brush for everything makes it all easier.


Cleaning System Bath Brush / Sponge For Bath

Cleaning System Bath Brush And Sponge For Bath (¥390 each inclusive of tax)

In Japan, most homes have bathtubs installed, so using these two brushes are essential for cleaning the bathroom floor, ceiling, and, the most important one of all, the tub. Japanese people unwind with a soak in the bath, and this is true for
public bathhouses as well.

Seeing this collection inspired us to clean so much that we decided to actually do some cleaning this weekend!

All of these products are available at all MUJI branches in Japan, and for true fans, not only these items are a must-get, but a visit to the
largest MUJI branch in the world located in Osaka is highly recommended.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (15 May 2019)

Main photo courtesy of Philipp Berndt on Unsplash.

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