This Japanese Brand Uses Cherry Blossom Dye to Design Caps

May the cherry blossom season last forever.

The sakura trees are always a sight to behold during spring, but did you know that to maintain the beauty of these trees, they have to be regularly pruned? Their branches are usually cut and disposed, but Kimono Cap W@
nder Fabric® has found a way to use the branch extracts to dye their caps.

The 2019 SAKURACAP by Somei Yoshino uses cherry blossoms that lined the Sakitama Tombs of Gyoda City in Saitama Prefecture.

The design is based on a plain weave canvas and uses the method of dyeing unevenly on purpose to create the gradations that one will usually see on the cherry blossom trees.

Products include a baseball CAP with a flat brim for men, a baseball CAP with a curved brim for men, and a baseball CAP with a curved brim for women. For now, these products are only available online.

Check them all out here:

Originally published on PR Times.

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