Japanese Home Brand Nitori Is the Answer to Your Small-Space Needs

They'll help you utilize every available surface area in your home wisely.

Compared to the houses in most countries, Japanese homes are often considered small, so it’s no surprise that people are always looking for ways to maximize their space. In fact, Japan’s leading furniture company, Nitori, regularly comes up with items that are perfect for small-space areas. Here are a few that you might want to take back home with you!

Washing Machine Rack

Don’t you just wish that there was something we could do about the free space above our washing machine? The Washing Machine Rack was made so detergents, softeners, and other items that you need for doing your laundry can be within reach. It doesn't just utilize the empty space, but also helps you save time.

Washing Machine Rack, ¥1,990 (tax included)

Shoes Spacer

If not having enough space in your shoe rack is what’s stopping you from buying a new pair, then the Shoes Spacer is your answer. Its design allows a pair of shoes to consume a smaller surface area.

Shoes Spacer, 5 pcs per set for ¥599 (tax included)

Tension Rod Shelf

Whether you need an additional shelf in your kitchen cabinet or you want to make use of that empty wall in your bathroom, this Tension Rod Shelf can help you organize your things without having to put a hole through your wall.

This shelf can be installed easily without screws. You only have to adjust the length to fit the wall space. They sell it in two sizes: 45 to 67 cm and 73 to 112cm. Both can hold up to 10 kilograms.

Tension Rod Shelf, ¥599 (tax included)

Hanging Basket with Hook

Just when you think overhead cabinets were already functional enough, Nitori releases the Hanging Basket, wherein you can put rolls of aluminum foil, cling wrap, among others. There are also hooks where you can hang your towel and kitchen paper.

Hanging Basket with Hook, ¥821 (tax included)

Stove-Side Rack

Other than the hanging basket, you can also use the Stove-Side Rack for organizing your kitchen. You can place it in the narrow space beside the stove and put your salt, spice jars, and hang your favorite cooking utensils at the bottom.

Stove-Side Rack, ¥2,990 (tax included)

Selection of products vary per branch, and products may be sold out or out of stock.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (29 May 2019)

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