These Snoopy Rain Goods Are Just What You Need for Japan’s Rainy Season

Chase away the gloomy weather!

The rainy season in Japan has officially started and it’s important for tourists who are planning to visit during these months, to prepare for the cold weather. To all the Snoopy fans out there, there are actually various stylish Snoopy-themed rain goods that you can find in Japan.

In this article, we feature botanical-designed items from Okaimono SNOOPY -- Snoopy’s official online store -- which were inspired by the concept of “cute and stylish for adults.”

Check them out below!

FLORET Portable Umbrella

The FLORET Portable Umbrella (¥3,456) is a compact portable umbrella. Its chic colors and fine details make it look classy and easy to pair with any of your outfits. Since it comes with a case with a handle, the umbrella is very easy to bring with you anywhere.

Okaimono SNOOPY Original FLORET Portable Umbrella

The Snoopy umbrella is lightweight and easy to carry around.

The pink flowers are accents to the overall design.

FLORET Portable Umbrella Case

With the FLORET Portable Umbrella Case (¥1,620), you can store your umbrella even when it’s still wet. The towel cloth inside the pouch absorbs the rainwater and effectively keeps the other items in your bag dry. Closing it up like a pouch makes it easy to carry.

Okaimono SNOOPY Original FLORET Portable Umbrella Case

You can open the pouch and put your wet umbrella inside.

FLORET Long Umbrella

The FLORET Long Umbrella (¥3,456) is carefully designed too. Its main body is made out of strong glass fiber, so you don’t have to worry about using it on windy days.

Okaimono SNOOPY Original FLORET Long Umbrella

Its detailed design makes it look luxurious.

FLORET Cycle Coat

FLORET Cycle Coat
(¥6,372) is perfect for people who use the bicycle in getting around. Its features include clips, which connect the coat to your clothes, an inside belt, which prevents the coat from fluttering in the wind, a tape reflector for easy visibility, and a clear hood, for a safe and comfortable ride.

Okaimono SNOOPY Original FLORET Cycle Coat

It has a reflective tape at the back so that you’re visible even at night.

The last item is the FLORET Pocketable Poncho (¥4,212). This is especially useful for tourists who are visiting amusement parks or participating in outdoor activities. It comes with a handy pouch for carrying around!

Okaimono SNOOPY Original FLORET Pocketable Poncho

It’s foldable and doesn’t take too much space in your bag.


You can buy these Snoopy rain goods from their official online shop (The site is in Japanese only).

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Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (May 31, 2019)

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