These Adorable Snoopy Hand Fans Are the Perfect Traveling Companion

One of them even lights up!

The Snoopy craze in Japan isn’t going away anytime soon. Snoopy fans traveling to Japan will be happy to find a variety of Snoopy-themed items -- travel essentials and rain gear -- and establishments there, including a hotel and a cafe.

And if these aren’t enough to satisfy your Snoopy-loving heart, Snoopy hand fans in cute colors are also now available in the online store, Okaimono Snoopy. These fans are pretty useful for beating the heat and can be used anywhere while sightseeing, traveling, or even inside the office.

The Snoopy hand fans come in three types -- a two-way type with a stand base, another with a silicon design, and the last, with a Snoopy shape.

The Snoopy 2 WAY Handy Fan with a stand base is available in four colors.

The Handy Fan has four main features. First, they are compact and can fit inside your bag. Second, they are rechargeable and come with a USB cable. Third, they have a button that lets you adjust the air speed. And lastly, they come with a strap that lets you hang the fan around your neck.

The Handy Fan has many great features. It doesn’t need batteries to work and can be recharged through a USB port.

The Snoopy 2 WAY Handy Fan (¥1,814) comes with a stand base. Its designs vary for each color. It also becomes a hand fan, which you can carry around, when you separate it from its base. You can adjust its air speed in three different levels and recharge it through a USB port.

The designs on the fans are different for each color. One of them features Snoopy and Woodstock hugging each other, while another shows Snoopy eating ice cream.

The next type is the Snoopy Handy Fan (¥2,138), which features Snoopy’s colors. This fan comes in two kinds: the “Hyokkori Snoopy” (Surprise Snoopy) which has Snoopy’s face popping out from behind the fan and the “Daisuki Snoopy” (I Love Snoopy) which has his ears on the fan.

This Snoopy Handy Fan has a silicon handle design.

Choose from the Hyokkori Snoopy (Surprise Snoopy) or the Daisuki Snoopy (I Love Snoopy) designs!

Its grip is made out of silicon, making it easy to hold.

A safety strap, which prevents the fan from falling, and a charging cable comes with the Snoopy Handy Fan. These will prove useful for when you’re outdoors or inside your office. Its air speed is also adjustable to two levels.


The fans come with a Snoopy-designed strap.

The last type of fan is the Snoopy Mini Size Fan (¥1,922). It has a cute design, which resembles the form of Snoopy. It is also rechargeable through a USB cable and has an air speed setting that can be adjusted to two levels.

Part of what makes this fan different from the rest is its built-in LED lamp. The light comes in a variety of colors such as red, blue, yellow, light blue, purple, and white. This fan doesn’t only cool you down, but also brightens up your room as a decorative item. Since a lithium-ion polymer battery is inside, you can use the lamp when it is fully charged. 

The round form of Snoopy Mini Size Fan is cute. There are 2 types to choose from: white and Joe Cool version red.

The built-in LED lamps light up in seven colors.

The strap that comes with the Snoopy Mini Size Fan has a Snoopy logo.

A navy strap comes with the white fan, while a red strap comes with the Joe Cool fan.

The Snoopy Handy Fans make the perfect pasalubong to your Snoopy-loving friends. Let’s get cool this summer with Snoopy! You can purchase them at Snoopy’s official online shop, Okaimono Snoopy.

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