These Yummy Snacks from Japan Were Inspired by Cheesecake and Cheese Tarts

Tart and oh-so good!

To celebrate summer, Lotte Co., Ltd., maker of the ever popular Ghana chocolate in Japan released a new flavor last June 4 called Ghana Mousse Lemon Fromage. Then on June 18, they released a new flavor for their Toppo series called Toppo Cheese Tart. Japan already started the cheesecake trend, and has now shifted to the cheese tart trend. So yummy!

Ghana Mousse Lemon Fromage is a soft, melt-in-your-mouth mousse chocolate. Covered with white chocolate that tastes like lemons, the Ghana milk’s rich taste and silky mousse chocolate will leave you wanting more. Because it is packaged individually, it is easy to share with your family and friends. 

Following the recent cheese tart popularity, they’ve also released the
Toppo Cheese Tart, with cream cheese powder blended into the chocolate. The crispy pretzel that is the signature of a Toppo stick feels like the cheese tart’s crispy shell. 

Make sure to check them out and catch on the new cheesecake and cheese tart trend that’s all over Japan right now! 

Originally published on PR Times.

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