This Miniature Retro Fan From Japan Is Straight Out of Your Childhood

It works like the good ol' days!

Japan’s Showa Era is often called the
Showa no Kiseki or “Miracle of Showa” to denote the country’s miraculous and rapid economic growth from 1926 to 1989. To this day, many restaurants and shops are embracing the retro Showa culture and keeping the natsukashii or nostalgic feel alive in their brands.

One of these shops is the Takara Tomy
, which introduced its new The Showa Series last June 27. This line features miniature-sized Showa appliances and gadgets that show a mix of contemporary and nostalgic design. Among these is the Showa Electric Fan, which was inspired by the fans seen in the living rooms of Japanese homes during the Showa era. 

The Showa Electric Fan (¥3,480; suggested retail price before tax) comes in two colors. Photo courtesy of The Showa Series ©T-ARTS (W110mm x H170mm x D90mm, 110g) 

The retro design of the 17-centimeter fan perfectly reproduces the original and shows excellent detailing. It blows off cool wind when you switch it on and lets you choose between two fan speeds. Just the sound of the button being pushed already evokes a great feeling of nostalgia.

Keep cool when you’re working, gaming, or surfing the net with this retro fan. Photo courtesy of The Showa Series ©T-ARTS.

The fan’s swing function is also very retro. There is even a dial next to the switch that will activate a timer and shut off the fan after 30 minutes. Since the concept of the fan is contemporary as well, it has a USB port that lets you connect it to an adapter or a laptop.

The buttons and dial remind us of the good ol’ days! Photo courtesy of The Showa Series ©T-ARTS.

The fan’s look may be retro but its cable is completely modern. Photo courtesy of The Showa Series ©T-ARTS.

Aside from this, other items on
The Showa Series were also introduced earlier in the year. These include the Showa Smart Television, Showa Record Speaker, and Showa Mini Radio Cassette Player.

Do kids these days even know what cassette tapes are? Photo courtesy of The Showa Series ©T-ARTS.

These cute products have even gained tremendous popularity for those in their twenties!

Check out more of the Takara Tomy The Showa Series Line

Originally published on PR times. 

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