These Snoopy-Themed Utensils in Japan Make the Perfect Meal Partner for Your Kids

Put the fun in eating with this Snoopy-inspired meal set!

Richell Corporation
, a company that manufactures baby products, has recently released a PEANUTS Collection, consisting of stylish and portable baby utensils.

PEANUTS Collection

The useful baby goods include straw mugs, lunch boxes, baby food scissors, and many more. Check them out below!

The Peanuts Collection Odekake Straw Mug

Peanut Collection Odekake Straw Mug 320 (Capacity: 380 ml, ¥2,268, left), Odekake Straw Mug 200 (Capacity: 260 ml, ¥1,944, right)

The Peanuts Collection Odekake Straw Mug
(from ¥2,268) is a stylish clear bottle, that’s available in two variants. One of which is a 260 ml bottle, while the other is a 380 ml bottle.

The handles can easily be removed, making the bottles more convenient to store inside bags. The other parts are detachable as well, so they’re not difficult to boil and disinfect.  They are safe for use by babies since the straws are made of silicone rubber.

Baby’s Cool Lunch Box

Baby's Cool Lunch Box (¥1,620)

The spoon can be stored compactly.

The Baby’s Cool Lunch Box (¥1,620) has an illustration of Snoopy surfing the waves. It is a double-tier bento box where you can store different side dishes and desserts to bring to your outings. The lunch box conveniently fits inside a drink holder and is microwavable without its lid on. Moreover, the yellow cap has thermal gel, so you can store fruit, yogurt, and other chilled items inside.

Baby Cracker Case Cylinder Type

Baby Cracker Case Cylinder Type (¥864)

Firmly protect fragile baby crackers with this product.

From its name, the Baby Cracker Case Cylinder Type (¥864) is used for protecting soft baby crackers. It has a set of hooks that makes it easy to attach to bags or strollers. Its cute design features Snoopy flying with several Woodstocks.

Koborenai Bolo Cup

Koborenai Bolo Cup (Unspillable Cup, ¥972)

Koborenai Bolo Cup (Unspillable Cup, ¥972) is a small snack container with an interchangeable lid that's made for the bolo Japanese baby snack. The red lid makes it easier to get the food inside and keeps the snacks from spilling over when inverted. On the other hand, the yellow lid is used in case of leftovers.

Rinyushoku Spoon Set

Rinyushoku Spoon Set (left) and Yawaraka Niginigi Spoon Set (right)

The Rinyushoku Spoon Set (Baby Food Spoon Set with a case, ¥864) is a set of feeding spoons and soup spoons that fit flexibly in any kind of dish. The Yawaraka Niginigi Spoon Set (Baby Food Spoon and Fork Set with a case, ¥864) has a design that makes it easier for babies to hold while eating. Both products are made with soft materials suitable for babies and come with cute Snoopy-themed cases.


Baby Food Scissors

Baby Food Scissors (with a case)

The last product in the list is the Baby Food Scissors (with case, ¥864). These scissors can be used to easily cut sausages or broccoli that are too difficult to slice using chopsticks. It can also cut noodles and other types of food into sizes that are easier for kids to eat. The cutting edge of this scissors is made of plastic and has round corners, so it won’t damage your dishes.

Finally convinced that you need one of these? You can shop these cute Snoopy goods at the Ritchell Baby Official Web Shop.

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