These Limited Edition LuLuLun Products Will Give You Brighter-Looking Skin

Treat your summer skin to some TLC!

Japan is a haven for beauty products—some of them rather expensive, while others pass off as fabulous dupes. Among the most popular Japanese skincare brands is
LuLuLun. They’re mostly known for offering an extensive line of face masks targeted for different kinds of skin concerns. 

Since the summer heat can make your skin oily from all the sweating, LuLuLun introduces two new limited-edition Summer LuLuLun products that will leave your skin feeling fresh and dewy.


For people suffering from damaged skin due to sun exposure or air conditioning in the office, the
2019 Limited Edition Premium LuLuLun (Fresh Citrus Scent) is the best product for you. It’s infused with fruit extracts that help moisturize and brighten your skin. Plus, it has a fun, citrusy scent which will make your skincare routine more enjoyable! 

2019 Limited Edition Premium LuLuLun (Fresh Citrus Scent), ¥1,200 (tax excluded) for a box of 3 packs x 7 masks. 

On the other hand, the new
LuLuLun Moist Gel (Refreshing Moisturizing Type) restores your skin’s moisture and keeps it looking healthy and glowing. The product doesn’t use harsh ingredients like ethanol or menthol. Its special moisturizing formula leaves a cool feeling on the skin. 

LuLuLun Moist Gel (Refreshing Moisturizing Type) 80g, ¥1,200 (tax excluded). 

Don’t let the heat of the sun take a toll on your skin! For more information on the Summer LuLuLun products, check out this
site. For more LuLuLun products, visit the official website

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