These Cute Eco Bags Will Help You Curb Your Single-Use Plastic Usage

Great for the environment and your style.

Recently, the anti-plastic movement has been the trend at
Ginza Loft. The lineup expansion of reusable eco-bags has been expanded to more than 200 types! While there are the standard types, there are also the ones with a backpack design that free up both your hands. Some are designed for cold storage as well. The options are endless!

These reusable eco-bags are being sold at Ginza Loft’s 4th
floor Lifestyle Goods section and range in price from ¥324 to ¥4299. With all the varieties out there, Loft narrowed it down to their bestsellers below.

Ginza Loft’s 4th
floor Lifestyle Goods section.

Shupatto Compact Bags
, price range from ¥1,059 to ¥2894 /Marna bag 

Customers love this because of its convenience. You can easily fold and unfold it, making it perfect to carry around. With various sizes available (there is even a shopping basket-sized one), these bags are the most popular. There are some that include cold storage options as well, great for taking with you to the grocery.

Loft Original Eco-bag
, ¥324 (small), and ¥540 (large) /Loft

There are two kinds of straps on each bag, and it is easy to use as well. You can choose to carry it with your hand or on your shoulder.

Kururito Bags
, price range from ¥756 to ¥1,836 /Tradeworks Bag 

There are types such as backpacks and shopping basket-sized ones as well.

There are other eco-bags with cute and funky designs as well like these! 

Envirosax Bento Lunch Bag, ¥756, can fit your lunch as well as several sides with its wide bottom.

Eco Market Bag, ¥951, uses the same material used to make parachutes that makes it sturdy and light. It can be worn across your body.

notabag, ¥3,780, has a light material and can be switched up from a hand-carry to a backpack-style one. 

Net Bag Long, ¥1,620, stands out with these tri-color cute design from France.

Since the grand opening of Ginza Loft last April, the store has since switched from plastic shopping bags to paper bags (with the exception for large bags). Why not help save the environment, and be trendy at the same time with these eco-bags? Which one will you get?

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