You Can Hoard Glico, Calbee, and Morinaga Souvenir Treats at This Store in Tokyo

There are lots of exclusive goods sold here!

Tokyo Okashi Land
, located inside Tokyo Eki Ichibangai (First Avenue Tokyo Station), is the perfect place for pasalubong shopping. It is the first confectionery store that offers an assortment of products from three of Japan’s leading manufacturers—Glico, Morinaga, and Calbee. In fact, some items sold here cannot be bought anywhere else. 

Before leaving Japan, make sure to stop over this place and pick up some food souvenirs for your family and friends. Check out our picks below.

Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan

Morinaga no Okashi na Okashiyasan
(Morinaga Candy Shop) was built in Tokyo Okashi Land in 2012 and is Morinaga’s first-ever antenna shop. Here, you’ll find region-limited products and special edition snacks like the Funny Big Sized!! Ramune (soda-flavored fizzy candy) (¥648).

Funny Big Sized!! Ramune

This souvenir item is five times bigger than the original product. You can even use it as a coin bank after finishing the candies inside. 

The cap has a slot where you can insert coins. 

There are four packets of candies inside. Just like the container, the candies are made 1.5 times bigger than the usual. 

Besides this, we also recommend that you buy the store’s limited edition
Hi-chew Funny Big Sized!! Box Tokyo Mystery (¥756).

Hi-chew Funny Big Sized!! Box Tokyo Mystery

Once you start chewing on the candy, you’ll notice that it has a nice peach flavor. However, its taste gradually changes the longer you eat the soft candy. 

This item is perfect for sharing!

There’s a clue in the paper and the box to help you figure out what flavor the candy turns into as you chew. All in all, there are six packets inside the box containing seven pieces of candy each. A great
pasalubong idea for your barkada or officemates.

Glicoya Kitchen

Glicoya Kitchen
is Glico’s first antenna shop, where the snacks are made right inside the store. Here, you can watch the entire manufacturing process through a glass window and buy the finished products right away. There are also region-limited products and novelty items available at the store.

Among their freshly-made treats is the
Almond Chocolate (¥520). It is made using the store’s specialized machine. 

Almond Chocolate

This confection consists of aromatic roasted almonds from California, wrapped in chocolate and coated with cocoa powder from the Netherlands. 

We’re definitely taking this home!

Upon taking a bite, you’ll appreciate its bitter taste, almond scent, and crunchy texture.


The shop also sells the treats in smaller quantities for those who just want to give it a try. 

The Almond Chocolate Mini Cup (¥200) weighs 29 grams. 

Another must-buy at the shop is the
Fried Almonds (¥453 tax excluded). Each pack contains about 50 high-quality California almonds. The juicy almonds and caramel flavor make for a good combination.

Fried Almonds (¥490)


is an antenna shop that fries their potato chips right in front of you. You can try these freshly-fried goods inside the store and check out their limited edition and original items. 

Kamaage Chips Cheese and spicy cod roe monja Flavor

Part of the store’s
Kamaage Chips Series is the Tokyo Station-limited Kamaage Chips Cheese and spicy cod roe monja Flavor sold at ¥700. When you take your first bite, you’ll notice its seasoned cod roe flavor. But as you chew on it further, its cheese and sauce flavors start to come out. The snack tastes exactly like the mentai-cheese monjayaki you can find in local stores. 

The souvenir item comes in small packages.

Calbee+ Tokyo Station also pre-released a new product called the
Kamaage Chips Shio & Wasabi Flavor (salt & wasabi-flavored chips ) sold at ¥700.

Kamaage Chips Shio & Wasabi Flavor

The combination of the salt and fresh spicy flavor of Azumino-made wasabi makes this item irresistible. Be sure to grab one before it’s sold out!

Its crispy texture and wasabi flavor make it a good match for your favorite beer. 

Last June 28 to July 30, the
Calbee 70th anniversary x Calbee+ Tokyo Station 7th Anniversary Fair was held at Tokyo Okashi Land. During the event, the regional flavors of the Calbee+ limited Kamaage Chips Series were sold at Tokyo Station. Limited edition tote bags (with snacks) (¥777) were also available at the event. For ¥700, visitors were also given the chance to hoard as much Calbee regional flavor chips as they could. 

7th-anniversary Tote Bag (¥777)

Choose from seven snacks to bring home!

Among those snacks, you could bring home was the
Beni Haruka Kokuama Hachimitsu Flavor (honey-flavored sweet potato), which has the sophisticated sweetness and light aftertaste of the Kagoshima-made Beni Haruka sweet potato.

Find out more through their Instagram!

For more information on special events, fairs, new products, and other news, visit their
official Instagram page

Provided by Walkerplus™, Japan Walker™, and Tokyo Walker™ (22 July 2019)

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