Fight the Stink With These Essentials

Smell good all day even in the summertime.

Japan is currently experiencing a summer heatwave with extreme humidity. While most people look forward to this weather when they can enjoy the sun and the sea, get a tan, wear lighter clothes, at the center of the city, whether you move fast or slow, people can get sweaty and in unavoidable times, smelly.

For people living in Japan, there are many kinds of unpleasant smells. The smell of sweat, for one; or the smell of yakiniku (grilled meat) after eating at a yakiniku restaurant; the smell of cigarettes when going to an izakaya (Japanese pub); or even our feet that get sweaty after walking all day in the city.  But how do Japan residents try to prevent emitting such odors? You might be surprised how there are so many products available in the market to do so.

Here, we introduce a few products that are popular with Japanese people that will erase your worries of smelling bad from head to toe.

For the Hair

Liese Hair Refresher - Shampoo Fragrance

This product is perfect for those who get smelly and sticky hair due to sweat. This is also a hair-styling agent that suppresses smells. Since it also has menthol, it also has a cooling sensation on the scalp.

For the Body

Men’s Biore Medicated Deodorant Z Essence Unscented or Deodorant Z Essence Aqua Citrus

Biore Medicated Deodorant Z Essence Unscented or Soap Scent

Before you even get sweaty, it’s best to apply some deo. There are different types of deodorants such as the spray type, roll-ons, and essences. Depending on the type, it can either be used on your armpits or even the entire body. There are also types for men available as well as medicinal ones for those with sensitive skin.

Biore SaraSara Powder Sheets (Smooth Deodorant Wipes) Unscented

Men’s Biore Facial Sheets Fragrance Free

Due to Japan’s high humidity, people tend to sweat easily.  And when you’re out and there’s no shower in sight, people have these sheets in their bags so they can refresh themselves any time. While some sheets have a deodorizing substance, some even leave your skin feeling cool.

For Oral Hygiene

PureOra Mouthwash Clean Mint

No matter the season, oral hygiene is very important. Not only is the mouthwash good for teeth and gums, they also prevent bad breath.

For Feet

8 x 4 Foot Sheets

8 x 4 Foot Spray


Smelly feet isn’t just a problem in the summer months when everyone gets sweaty all over, but whenever one wears closed shoes as well. Especially for those with sweaty feet, it is recommended to wash your feet after wearing shoes all day. When using this spray type, use it before putting shoes, socks, or stockings on, but remember to wait until it dries up first before doing so.

For Clothes

Refresh EX Antibacterial Spray Unscented

Refresh EX Plus Deodorant Power Spray Unscented

Not only sweat, but the smell of cigarettes or food after a night out at the izakaya is the bane of some people’s existence. These types of sprays are used at home for clothes that are difficult to wash such as winter coats, or for items such as curtains, futons, or sofas.

Refresh EX Antibacterial Spray Unscented (Portable)

These types of sprays also come in portable versions so it is useful for those who constantly worry about the smell of their clothes wherever they go.

 (8 July 2019)

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