Starbucks Japan’s Latest Mug Is Handcrafted to Change the Way You Enjoy Coffee

Drinking from this cup is an experience in itself!

For its
12th JIMOTO made Series, Starbucks Coffee Japan released the Coffee Aroma Mug Shodaiyaki in support of the Mizu no Kumamoto project last July 23. It is made in the northern Kumamoto Prefecture and is only available in Starbucks Coffee Aeon Mall Kumamoto.

The Coffee Aroma Mug Shoudaiyaki (
¥5,900) stands out for its unique shape.

This mug was created through a collaboration between Starbucks and Kumamoto’s original
Shodai Ware—a traditional handicraft that originated in northern Kumamoto about 400 years ago. The Shodai Ware is a notable pottery culture that was revived by Chitaro Chikashige in 1931 during a time when the pottery business was ceasing. Takemiyagama was monumental in sustaining the Shodai Ware technique up to the present times.

The JIMOTO made Series promotes Shodai Ware and preserves its art by working jointly with Takemiyagama. It is through this partnership that the traditional mug was born. 

Takemiyagama carries on the tradition of Shodai Ware.

The uniquely-shaped mug started from the idea of the 
Mizu no Kuni Kumamoto project, which was “to create a mug with which one can enjoy coffee made with the region’s delicious water.”

Before the creation of the product, partners from Kumamoto held a coffee tasting workshop where they tried coffee made from different types of water. Among the choices, the coffee made with Kumamoto water remarkably brought out the “deep flavor and texture of coffee.”

With this idea in mind, the partners decided that the shape of the mug should also make it easy to experience the “deep flavor and texture of coffee.” Thus, the mug was designed with a silhouette that looks similar to a wine glass. By making the rim of the mug as thin as possible and widening its diameter, the coffee naturally spreads into one’s mouth and lets the person enjoy its full flavor.

The mug is also coated with ash glaze, made with a mixture of rice straw, wood, and rock-forming minerals, white glaze, and yellow glaze for that rustic yet striking appearance. The color of the rim, on the other hand, was inspired by the mountain ridges of Mt. Aso. The side of the mug has a touch of Kashima, decorated with a pattern depicting the city’s abundant water resources. Overall, the product’s design deeply manifests its connection with the region.

According to an official statement by Starbucks Japan, “The Coffee Aroma Mug Shodaiyaki was conceptualized by our partners in the Kumamoto region and was made through the passion of their local craftsmen. By using this mug, we hope that everyone can enjoy coffee made with Kumamoto water and have a fulfilling time while building new and lasting relationships.” 


Provided by Walkerplus™, Japan Walker™, and Tokyo Walker™ (18 July 2019)

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