Buying Eyeglasses Is All the Rage in Japan

There's even a whole subculture dedicated to it.

Whether it is purely for fashion or for necessity, eyeglasses are one of the must-haves in the recent trend. In Japan where there is a
megane (eyeglasses) subculture, as our writer finds out, there are so many options available. In this article, she shares her experience in buying a pair of eyeglasses in Japan. 

The Japanese’s service and hospitality is world-famous. The service you get at a shop that sells eyeglasses is the same as in a hotel. They will take care of the customer as soon as they enter the shop and will be ready to attend to them until they leave. Today, we’ll share what it’s like to buy eyeglasses in Japan.

Entering The Shop and Trying Out Frames 

Once you enter the shop, the shop attendants will always welcome you with their smile. In the shop, there are many types of frames and brands of eyeglasses that you can choose from. You can try them and find a shape you like or find one that’s a perfect fit for you. It is totally fine to try lots of frames until you find the one you are satisfied with. In Japan though, salespeople tend not to badger you to give you privacy. So when you need help, you can simply approach the salesperson nearby.

Choosing Lenses 

Once you find a frame you like, next you choose lenses. There are many types of lenses, depending on the shop. Often, standard lenses are included in the frame price, but if you want better lenses, such as Progressive lenses, for  blue light (for when you’re using the computer), or colored lenses, then there is an additional fee.

Measure Eyesight

Measuring eyesight is not much different. To start, they basically use a machine that you have to look into that measures your eyesight. Then, you practice reading letters or numbers while they adjust the sample lenses into the frame for testing. 


After the staff finishes measuring your eyesight, they will guide you to the cashier to make a payment and inform you of the time when you can pick up the eyeglasses. Mostly it takes around one to two hours depending on how busy they are on that day.

This entire process takes only 30 to 40 minutes depending on how busy they are and how long it takes you to choose the frame—believe us, it can take a while. Luckily we went to the shop on a weekday, and already had an idea of what we wanted, so  it took us around 20 minutes.


Picking Up the Eyeglasses

When it is time to return to the shop and pick up your new glasses, they will test the frames and lenses on you to make sure the fit and the strength of the lenses are right before you leave. They will even send you to the door after handing your brand new eyeglasses to you—such first class service!

 (18 June 2019)

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