Enjoy Summer to the Fullest By Trying Out These Popular Hair Colors and Essentials

Because hair care is a must during summertime.


Pampering your hair is always a fun thing to do. From dyeing it in different colors to taking care of your locks, our hair’s condition is definitely a necessity in our lives. Hair coloring has been consistently a popular trend in Japan and because of this, the Japanese are always on the lookout for new hair care products to maintain the lusciousness and vibrance of our hair. 

To know what’s trending this summer season,
Beauty Experience Co., Ltd conducted a survey on Hair colors that are likely to be popular in summer and Summer Must-Buy Hair Care Items. This research was carried out from 93 hairdressers of “bex Trend Lab” that sends out information about trends obtained from the nationwide network of hairdressers.

The internet survey was conducted from April 1 to 30, 2019. Ninety-three hairdressers were sampled in the survey. Here are the results.

In the survey,
beige tone came out as the most popular color by 58% during summer. Ash brown tone came in second by 35% due to its current popularity, while the orange tone was third by 26% which is considered good for the summer.

Beige has a refreshing spring-like image which leaves a soft impression. It also has a variety of colors to choose from! The trendy colors include classic milk tea beige, white beige that gives your hair a little fluff of volume like Westerners, and a cute beige orange which is a bright orange softened by a touch of beige. You can freely switch from a brighter or darker tone depending on what satisfies you. The ash brown tone which came in second is also a popular color to try during summer with exciting color variations. Even if you stick with the same hairstyle, it becomes completely different when you change your hair color. This summer, dare to dye your hair to a trendy color that suits you and make your summer more vibrant!

th : Pink tone; 5th : Matte tone; 6th Brown tone; 7th Black tone

The amount of UV rays and humidity change along with the season. Hair condition is greatly affected by these changes, so it is important to prevent damage by changing hair care items that are well-suited for the season. Hair damage can be caused by too much exposure to the sun during summer, so it requires more care and attention than usual.

According to the survey,
Cool Shampoo is the number one summer must-buy hair care item. Among the hairdressers included in the survey, 61% recommended it. Cool Shampoos are often made from naturally derived materials such as cooling mint-based herbs and refreshing citrus fruits. These ingredients cool down your hair and scalp during the hot summer season, giving you a refreshing feeling. The cooling effect lasts even after washing your hair, so you can stay comfortable without sweating. It can also suppress the odor and sebum thickness that are worrisome during summer!


The second most important item during summer is
UV Care Spray, which is recommended by 28% of the hairdressers. The effects of UV rays on the skin are already well-known among many, however not many are well-versed when it comes to its effects on the hair. The skin becomes greasy but the hair is more likely to get dry during summer because of the UV rays. UV rays may damage the cuticle, and the hair color may change. In addition, if you are exposed to UV rays while your hair is wet from the sea or the pool, it is more prone to damage. In the summer, not only is UV care for skin important, but also UV protection in the form of UV care spray for the hair is necessary.

The third essential item for summer is a
Leave-in Treatment recommended by 22% of the hairdressers. It is a hair treatment that does not require to be washed away. When your hair has been damaged by UV rays from the sea or the pool, you can use the leave-in treatment to coat your hair firmly as an extra care to moisturize dry hair.

th Coloring shampoo; 5th Scalp essence; 6th Rinse-out treatment; 7th Hair growth shampoo; 8th Shampoo brush

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