LOOK: Over 400 Cars Are on Display at Nissan’s Heritage Zone in Japan

Don't miss the opportunity to see their iconic cars from the past.

Nissan Gallery Global Headquarters near Yokohama Station, opened the Heritage Zone last September 27 displaying the iconic cars that have become part of the company’s history.

Heritage Zone at Nissan Gallery Global Headquarters. 

The Nissan Gallery Global Headquarters opened in August 2009 simultaneous to the company’s move to the Minatomirai
area in Yokohama. With roughly 13 million visitors ever since its launch, this facility has served as a place where information about the company and its products are communicated to the public. At the same time, this is also a place where adults and children alike can test ride their vehicles sold to the market.

The Nissan cars on display are changed regularly

The Heritage Zone was opened in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Nissan Gallery Global Headquarters. Roughly 400 cars kept in the headquarter as well as historical cars from the “Nissan Heritage Collection” in Zama City are regularly changed on display. In a 220-inch LED screen, they show video clips from the past explaining the history and information behind the exhibited cars.

Datsun 14 Roadster

Another exhibit showcased is the
model car wall which displays more than 100 miniature cars and back issues of car magazines you can freely read.

The Model car wall has over 100 miniature cars beautifully displayed.

You can read the books in their library.

Prior to its opening,
Nissan Motor Corporation’s Executive Vice President, Hoshino, said that the Heritage Zone will be born as a space where the Nissan DNA that has been handed down from its establishment will be condensed. 

Executive Vice President Hoshino delivering her remarks.

In front of the
Datsun 14, a model manufactured in the early years of the company, Hoshino expressed her wishes saying the company was founded in 1933 and was now on their 86th year. Since then, they have provided innovative products to the market using new technologies and because of their passionate customers who love them, they wish for Heritage Zone to be a place where one can relax and enjoy the cars manufactured with full of passion.

Datsun 14 and Executive Vice President Hoshino.

GT-R (PGC10) which reached a milestone of 50 car race wins. This red car is rare.

Skyline 3rd Generation Hardtop 2000GT-X.

Skyline 5th Generation Hardtop 2000GT-EL.

Skyline 6th Generation Hardtop 2000 Turbo RS.

The first generation of Fairlady.

Fairlady Z.



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