Airplanes Fly Directly Above You at This River Bank in Osaka

It's a unique experience you can't miss!

Only a few locals and tourists know about the
Senri River Bank. Those familiar with the place usually either live near Osaka International Airport or are avid aircraft fanatics. 

In this article, we take a closer look at a family’s experience of visiting the place. 

Senri River Left Bank
2 Haradanaka, Toyonaka City, Osaka
Contact: +81-6-6858-2096 (Urban Vitality Department Airport Section)
How to get there: It is 1.5 kilometers from Hankyu Sone Station.

The Sasaki family arrived at the Senri River Left Bank on a fall weekday. Ever since they bought a Toyota Raize (Rise) compact SUV, their family trips have become more frequent. Their itinerary for the day includes a one-hour drive to an aircraft fan’s paradise. 

The Senri River Left Bank is a five-minute walk from the parking lot (with fee). The best spot can be found along the river, where airplanes occasionally fly right above one’s head. 

On weekends, this place typically attracts millions of visitors. But on a normal weekday morning, only 30 to 40 people are in the area. Around this time, finding a spot with a good view won’t be a problem.

Ten minutes after the Sasaki family arrived, the other visitors started pointing their fingers to the sky. "Here it comes!"

Everyone watches in awe as an airplane flies right above their heads. If you narrow your eyes and look at the aircraft carefully, you’ll notice that it’s in a takeoff position. The engine roars loud as it travels past the river. 

The airplanes fly 20 meters above, which is close enough for the wind caused by the jet propulsion to scatter the sand on the riverbank in different directions. 

The airport runway is located sixty meters from the riverbank. When seen up close, the 200-ton aircraft is much bigger than expected. The gust of wind it brings to the spectators is also quite strong. So much so that just being there seemed like a test of courage.

The visitors gathered at the three-meter wide riverbank had different reactions. Some smiled brightly and jumped in excitement, while others stood dumbfounded.

Airplanes land at the Osaka International Airport about 180 times each day. Most of the take-offs and landing occur between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Once they saw another aircraft coming, the family moved to another area where they predicted the plane would pass. They were able to witness the second one much more closely. 


Since the Sasaki family was much nearer the plane, the sound of the engine was louder. Although visiting the place and watching the airplanes zoom past at night is recommended, seeing the same view during the day is just as exhilarating.

The family stayed at the venue for about two hours. While they were there, they got to enjoy the spectacular view about 15 times. 

“Wow! The plane is right above us!” Shou shouts. Mr. and Mrs. Sasaki were just as excited.

A regular visitor told the Sasaki family that whenever a
Boeing 777 passed by, a small whirlwind formed on land. Unfortunately, no aircraft of this type passed by during the family’s visit. 

The Senri River Left Bank is 60 meters away from the Osaka International Airport. During Golden Week in May, rapeseed flowers bloom in the area.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (5 November 2019)

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