If You Love Cats, You’ll Want to Book a Stay at This Cat Hotel

You get free admission to the rescued cat cafe in the same facility, too.

Neko Yokujo & Neko Hatago
1-14-29 Shimanouchi, Chuo District, Osaka City, Osaka
Contact: +81-6-4708-3889
Accommodation fee: ¥8,500 to ¥11,500 (excluding tax)

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a night just watching cats, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a new accommodation facility that just opened in Osaka last December. Neko Yokujo & Neko Hatago  is attracting attention as a new concept hotel where accommodation fees will cover the operation of the rescued cat cafe. The accommodation fee is around ¥8,500 to ¥11,500 (tax excluded) per person per night, includes an admission ticket for the rescued cat cafe.

A cat step is installed on the wall where Mt. Fuji is drawn, and it looks as if a cat is climbing the mountain.

The concept behind this facility is a hotel where guests can observe cats through a glass window by their bed. This hotel is jointly operated Neco Republic Co. Ltd., which operates seven rescued cat cafes nationwide, and Inovv Co. Ltd., the owner of Necorepa Fudosan, which introduces “Cat Allowed” properties for people who want to live with cats. An amusement element is added to the accommodation bringing an extraordinary experience to each guest who chooses to stay the night. In addition, they hope to establish this to strengthen the management base of the rescued cat cafe, which tends to be unstable. So how can you actually use Neko Yokujo & Neko Hatago? Let's look at the points in order to make your stay more enjoyable.

Cats can come close to the bedside across the glass.

Glass separates the rescued cat cafe and the dormitory-type hotel. Inquisitive cats look into the room from the catwalk so you can play with the cat through the glass.

You can catch the attention of cats using remote-controlled toys.

Cats are essentially nocturnal animals. Therefore, you can see the mischievous and liveliness of cats that you can't see during the daytime. You can observe the gestures of various cats by waving toys from inside the room or drawing the attention of the cats with remote-controlled toys. You can also experience the happiness of falling asleep while watching the cat.

It is a must-go hotel for cat lovers.

The cafe area is an image of the Showa retro bath. There’s a great photo opportunity when the cat moves to the position where it looks like it climbs Mt. Fuji. On the other hand, the Ukiyo-e cat of Utagawa Kuniyoshi, one of the famous painters in  Edo period, is transcribed in the hotel area.


Along with spending time with cute cats, you can enjoy a unique space where you can feel the taste of Japanese. As mentioned above, since the accommodation fee includes an admission ticket for the rescued cat cafe, guests can use it free for two hours. There are special benefits for cat lovers, too, such as taking care after closing and before opening the facility or putting them in the room as a playmate for cats during cleaning.

The guests can use the rescued cat cafe free for two hours.

All cats in the facility are protected cats who need foster parents. You may have a fateful encounter here, so it is recommended that you check the compatibility with the cats you care about during your stay.

Staying at this hotel will not only get healing from the cats, but the accommodation fee will be donated to help the rescued cat. Experience the happiest night for cat lovers at this hotel.

You can see various cats through the glass.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (4 December 2019)

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