This Hotel in Kyoto Produces Organic Products in an Effort to be Sustainable

Keeping you and the environment healthy!

318-6 Inari-cho, Shimogyo District, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Open 10 am to 8 pm daily

has recently opened its commercial complex, GOOD NATURE STATION, in Kawaramachi, Kyoto.

In here, you can enjoy delicious food and fun time experience using products curated from the producer and the manufacturer’s thoughts that are amazingly good for your body. It’s a place where
GOOD NATURE products are both beneficial for consumers and the environment, presenting a GOOD NATURE lifestyle.

The exterior of

GOOD NATURE lifestyle
was introduced to encourage the complex to be eco-friendly by turning food loss from restaurants into fertilizers that could be used as paper and wooden materials for packaging.

You won’t need a plastic lid anymore with this eco-friendly butterfly cup that you can simply fold.

The 1
st floor of the complex is an open kitchen where you can enjoy a market and natural deli food. The 2nd floor are composed of restaurants, while the 3rd floor is reserved for cosmetic and variety goods shops and cafes. The 4th to the 9th floor is where the GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO is located where you can experience the GOOD NATURE lifestyle.

GOOD NATURE MARKET is located on the 1st floor, a market zone where you can get organic vegetables and organic JAS products. You can also get SIZEN TO OZEN products where their original food brand is known for.

Freshly caught organic vegetables and fruits are available here.

Bistro no Kakushi Aji Tomato Onion Jam
(¥1000) is their original all-purpose seasoning.

KITCHEN in the middle of the market zone has menus made with products sold at the market that are also available for take-outs.

Enko Rice
is made with fertilizer from ingredients of food loss. 

In the middle of the 1
st floor is a tasting bar like a 21st-century Japanese tea room and an eating space with about 30 seats. Enjoy your meal here!

Tasting bar (in the back) and the eating space (in the front).

The natural wines that you can enjoy at the tasting bar are also available at

Beautiful art-like sweets

While you’re already in the area, don’t forget to visit
RAU too! An ensemble of sweets lab brand that is presented to you like an art gallery. The sweets are made with original molds and bean-to-bar chocolates made with cacao imported from Costa Rica. Usually, the cacao is imported in the form of beans, but they import them in with the shell. The shells are then used for Cacao Curry and Cacao Tea so that they can commit to a sustainable society.


is a gallery located on the 1st floor.

(¥1000) is a mont blanc cake that expresses clouds and a snowy mountain.

Cacao Curry
and Cacao Tea are sold at the marche. Cacao Tea is also served in hotel rooms. Some of RAU’s sweets are also available at RAU CAFE on the 3rd floor.

There are three types of
Fine Cacao Curry, the yellow and green ones are for vegans too.

There are three types of “
Cacao Tea” (¥1000 each); green tea, hoji tea, and Japanese tea. 

Enjoy a variety of restaurants

is located at the back of the 1st floor. This establishment is a casual dining style restaurant and bar with its menus supervised by Tokuyoshi Yoji, a chef who achieved a star in Michelin, Italy. You can enjoy this place in four scenes; morning, lunch, teatime, and bar time.

(¥2800) is a set of an antipasto stand, seasonal pasta, dolce, and a drink. The meal in the photo is good for two.

This is Chef
Tokuyoshi Yoji cutting prosciutto with an Italian slicer BERKEL

is a reservation only gastronomy floor located at the 2nd level of the building. Many popular restaurants gather here where you can have yourself a special food experience. 

Three restaurants are on this floor;
CAINOYA, a restaurant from Kagoshima, TAKAYAMA, which specializes in creative cuisine, and VELROSIER, a Chinese restaurant that was praised by madams from Kurakuen, Hyogo.

Recharge your energy

on the 3rd floor is a place where you can recharge yourself both mentally and physically. This floor is connected to Takashimaya Kyoto Branch too so it’s pretty convenient for you to visit. Meanwhile, at RAU CAFE, you can enjoy the delicious pairing of sweets and drinks sold at RAU located on the 1st floor.


The original cosmetic products of the brand
NEMOHAMO are made by extracting the plants at a low heat without using water so that the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are kept.


KA SO KE KI, there are many natural silk innerwear and baby products made by craftsmen and artists.


Nemureru Mori no Bijyo
is like a beauty amusement park with their head spa and nail care products. They also have Ai method which is beauty care done by hands. There is also a self-make-up space (¥500 for members, ¥1000 for non-members) where you can use famous brands’ hair dryers and hair irons too to your heart’s content. Pamper yourself by dropping by and getting a little makeover.


The cut space inside
Nemureru Mori no Bijyo.

GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO, a hotel realizing comfortable life

GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO starts from the 4th to the 9th floor of the whole complex. The floor inside the rooms are all made with natural wood while paintings of pine trees, blue-colored leaves, and cherry blossoms made by various painters in Kyoto are hung on the walls.

The 4
th floor where the hotel front desk is can also be used by other visitors.

Superior Twin room.

Unrecyclable plastic amenity goods were decreased with the concept of “comfortable life without disposable products”.
Cacao Tea from SIZEN TO OZEN is provided in the rooms and shampoos from NEMOHAMO are also made available to hotel guests. Besides lodging, there are other various activities such as yoga and zazen lessons and daily building tours that you could also enjoy.

Cacao Tea
can be enjoyed in the rooms.

GOOD NATURE STATION, you can use products good for both your body and the environment with only things that you can trust without getting rid of the fun. This place might be the new popular spot for consumers, not to mention it’s also near Kawaramachi and connected to Takashimaya Kyoto Branch. Make sure to visit during your next trip to Kyoto, Japan!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (9 December 2019)

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