There’s a Sylvanian Village and Ultraman Park at This Theme Park Near Mt. Fuji

There's something for everyone to enjoy here.

is a theme park located at the 2nd Station of Mt. Fuji where tourists and locals can enjoy athletic activities, and other several family-friendly attractions.

Fascinating view of Mt. Fuji from the park.

tulips in full bloom during spring with Mt. Fuji in the background.

Surrounded by Mt. Fuji’s natural environment, the theme park has a refreshing look and feel to it every season. Tulips
 decorate the park during spring, while dahlia and other flowers bloom from summer to autumn. Here, you can find the only full-scale outdoor ice skating rink in Shizuoka and ski slopes take over the grounds during winter. Aside from these seasonal activities, here are other things you can enjoy in Grinpa.

Challenge your mind and body in these attractions

Enjoy both a 3D maze and a puzzle game in
Koko Doko.

Koko Doko, Shinobi no Okite, Kappa Daisakusen
, and Picasso’s Egg are the most popular athletic attractions in the theme park. Koko Doko is Japan’s largest 3D puzzle-solving maze where tasks include untangling ropes that block your way and collecting stamps to move forward through the maze.

Experience ninja training in
Shinobi no Okite.

Shinobi no Okite
is a 13-meter high, 5-story attraction designed like a ninjutsu dojo (ninja training hall). Collect stamps and aim for the summit as you go through either of the 2 available courses with 13 challenges each.

Kappa Daisakusen
has 18 thrilling attractions.

Kappa Daisakusen
(closed during winter) has 15 aquatic attractions and 3 land-based attractions to choose from. You can try exciting activities here such as walking across a raft while maintaining your balance and riding a barrel to cross the opposite shore.

Thrust Bomb
is one of the athletic attractions in Picasso’s Egg. Move giant balls that block your way to find the hidden goal.

Picasso’s Egg area enriches your body and mind as you enjoy fun and challenging obstacles. The 21 athletic attractions in unusual shapes and sizes made with the concept of “moving forward by thinking for yourself” await you.

Play with Ultra Heroes and Sylvanian Families

Take a picture with successive generations of
Ultra Heroes with Mt. Fuji as the background!

Ultra Seven
drives in Ultra Seven Coaster Mach 7, the central attraction of M78 Ultraman Park.

Don’t miss out on the park areas with
Ultraman and Sylvanian Families as the theme. Starting with Ultra Seven Coaster Mach 7, M78 Ultraman Park is filled with Ultraman-related attractions you can enjoy with your family and friends. If you feel hungry after all the fun, dine in at the M78 Planet Dining surrounded by Ultra Heroes and monsters. Other than that, this park area has Japan’s highest altitude Ferris wheel and a merry-go-round. 


A replica of the
Nice House on the Green Hill where Milk Rabbit Family lives.

Sit on the wooden bench with the
Sylvanian Families characters and take a photo.

Sylvanian Village
is an area where you can go inside the houses of the Sylvanian Families. Raccoon Family’s Red Roof Country Home and Milk Rabbit Family’s Nice House on the Green Hill (closed until February 26, 2020 due to long term inspection) stand side by side so you can definitely take a tour inside both houses in one day. Greeting events with Sylvanian Families characters are held every day. Drop by their Forest Market to check out Sylvanian Village limited edition goods..

Toy themed park where you can play in regardless of the weather

Kids FujiQ
, a theme park that ignites curiosity among children.

Play with more than 1,000 toys in
Kids FujiQ, an indoor attraction of Grinpa. At their kids play corner there are various attractions kids can enjoy like their Tomica and Plarail area, a ball pit, and board game area. The mini amusement park corner has 3 attractions including a teacup ride. Inside the building, you can find a kid’s café where you can relax and take a break with your kids.

Play in the snow and skate on the ice during winter!

See Mt. Fuji up close while sledding on the snow slope.

This area is popular during the winter for snow play and skating. On the approximately 10 thousand square meter ski slope available for sledding, there is an easy course for children and beginners, and a steep slope for experienced ones so the whole family can have fun.

Children and first-timers can skate safely.

If you’re a skate rink person, double blade skates for rent would only cost you ¥1,000 per day, and it’s perfect for stability. More skating tools are available so first time skaters don’t have to worry. Free skating lessons are also held during the weekends.

Snow Carnival is another event held during winter. It’s where you can try unique snow activities such as tubing, a type of sledding on a large tire-shaped tube sled. This year’s winter events are held until March 22 (Snow Carnival starts from February 15).

Discounted bus coupon sets are available!

Entrance fee costs ¥1,300 for adults (JHS students and above) and ¥850 for children (3 years old to elementary students) and senior citizens (60 years old and above). Each attraction charges differently from one another. However, if you plan on spending the whole day in the theme park, an additional one-day coupon is recommended. Coupons cost ¥3,700 for adults and ¥2,700 for children and senior citizens at the door. Check the official website so you may avail of cheaper deals for early bird coupons.


For those arriving by train and bus, the round trip bus fare and one-day coupon set that includes the bus ride from
JR Gotemba Station, Mishima Station, and Fuji Station is a good deal to snag. For example, if you are coming from Gotemba Station which would regularly cost ¥5,840 (adult fare) it will be ¥3,350 with the round trip bus ticket set. Tickets are sold at Fujikyu bus ticket counter at each train station.

Furthermore, direct buses from
Shinjuku Station, Ueno Station, Yokohama Station, and Saitama Shintoshin Station are available at a limited time only. Round trip bus fare and entrance fee ticket set, or one-day coupon set is also available at these stations (reservations necessary).

For those arriving by car, it will take about 30 minutes via
Mt. Fuji Skyline or South Outer Road (Ohnohara) from Gotemba IC of Tomei Expressway. Parking fee costs ¥1,200 per day. Other access routes are posted on the official website.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (15 February 2020)

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