This Temple in Japan Is Considered a National Treasure

You can visit for free.

Shinshu Takada Honzan Senjuji Temple
2819 Isshindencho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture
Contact: +81-59−232−4171
Open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily
Admission is free.

As each passing day gets warmer, spring season has finally come. Since it is the long-awaited season to go out, we teamed up with
Nagoreco (short for Nagoyameshi Recommend), a web media providing reviews mainly on restaurants in Nagoya.

Visit a part of Mie that focuses on a national treasure

According to the
Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties, national treasures are officially designated tangible cultural properties such as buildings or structures and works of art or craft in the country that are considered valuable by the citizens in the perspective of world cultural heritage.

In 2017, both
Mieido Hall and Nyoraido Hall of Senjuji Temple in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture were recognized as national treasures. In this article, Nagoreco personally went to see the precious buildings in Mie.

This season of spring, why don’t you visit these beautiful national treasures?


is the head temple of over 600 temples of the Shinshu Takada sect in Japan.

There are 11 other important cultural properties existing in the 100,000 m
2 temple grounds aside from Mieido and Nyoraido. The extensively wide compound and the grand scale of the buildings are an impressive sight to see.

Mieido Hall
will welcome you once you enter the main gate.

The exterior of Mieido Hall projects a solemn atmosphere

This is the largest building in Senjuji. Large gold pillars and colorful ceiling art create a vibrant interior. It depicts the idea of the land of happiness as a glittering paradise.

Luxurious interior of Mieido Hall.

Colorful painting on the ceiling.

This hall houses the wooden statue of the temple’s founder,
Saint Shinran, and other succeeding leaders. The building was intentionally built wide to accommodate as many worshippers as possible to come and learn the teachings of Saint Shinran.

Below is the
Tsutenkyo Bridge which connects the Mieido Hall and Nyoraido Hall.

The Tsutenkyo Bridge is more than 30 meters long

Below is the
Nyoraido Hall. Amida Nyorai is enshrined here. It is a powerful, three-dimensional form.

Nyoraido has a luxurious ambience covered with gold foil.

If you look closely, there are various musical instruments and ornamental birds also depicting the land of happiness as a lively place.

Musical instruments and ornamental birds are wrapped in gold foil.

Lots of animal decors are hidden in the ceiling, like this monkey over here. A little touch of humor created with elaborate craftsmanship adorns the hall. Try to look around and find the others!


Senjuji is also known as Chokokuji (sculpture temple).

The eaves are also decorated with intricate designs.

Roof decorations show craftsmanship without compromising details.

The hall is guarded by a statue that represents Buddha’s kindness, a Chinese mythical chimera called
baku that is known to ward off evil, and a dragon that protects Buddhism and those who worship it.

Also famous for its stunning lotus blooms, 135 lotus flowers can be found within the temple grounds.

135 lotus flowers are lined up in the compound.

They are best seen from late June to mid-August.

goshuin (temple seal) collectors can’t stop talking about the goshuin of Senjuji. A Goshuin is given to commemorate your visit to the temple. Limited edition temple seal collection notebooks are also popular in Senjuji.

Ise gikakushi
(Japanese leather paper), a designated traditional craft of Mie Prefecture, is used in one of their seal collection notebooks. Another unique seal collection notebook is the one made of paper from foreign countries. Everything about the notebooks are wonderful!

Each collection notebook is handmade. By looking at them, you can see how everything is carefully made.

Many items can only be purchased here.

We didn’t know that there is a temple as grand as Senjuji Temple in Mie Prefecture. Feel free to explore the splendor of the scenery in Senjuji when you come to worship. You will surely be relieved from everyday stress and feel refreshed.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokai Walker™ (16 March 2020)

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