Visit a Romantic Lighthouse and Enjoy Gigantic Clams at Atsumi Hanto Peninsula

Everything about this place in Aichi is one of a kind.

Spring season is finally here! Since it is the season that is well-known for hanging out and spending time outdoors, we teamed up with
Nagoreco (short for Nagoyameshi Recommend), an online publication that provides reviews mainly on restaurants in the Nagoya area.

Have a fun and relaxing one-day trip with your partner or family!

Atsumi Hanto Peninsula is full of nature and history. It’s known for its warm climate throughout the year and lots of agricultural products. In this article, Nagoreco editors will introduce you to places they highly recommend in Atsumi Hanto Peninsula.

Sante Park Tahara

Sante Park Tahara
is a park where you can experience agriculture.

This place is filled with attractive points of Atsumi Hanto Peninsula.

Here, you can experience playing, cooking, and eating all at once while enjoying nature.

There are various facilities where you can have fun all day. At the farm, you can harvest vegetables. You can make sausages and ice cream with locally produced ingredients in their factory. They also have a place where you can learn about nature and agriculture, a vegetable amusement park, and a zoo with small animals.

This is
Kurumi at the pony ranch. Kids are allowed to take photos with this cute pony.

You can have a relaxing time with the calm scenery at the pony ranch.

Kurumi-chan is popular at the pony ranch.

Inside the park is the
Fureai no Mori area where local and seasonal products and souvenirs are sold. Many tourists and local citizens visit this area to buy some of the goods.

The fresh vegetables have the vegetable grower’s name on it to ensure that their produce is safe. This tactic also makes the consumers feel closer to them.

Fureai no Mori has many seasonal products and souvenirs.

In addition, the
Tulip Fair is happening right now. About 60,000 tulips of 70 kinds are in bloom. 

This is the main
Sante Garden.

Tulips are planted in circles

Colorful tulips bloom in vivid colors. The language of flowers for tulips are very romantic like love confession, true love, and the beginning of love. It’s also great to visit with your partner. Bring your lover along to see the beautiful tulips the next time you’re here.

Sante Park Tahara is located at 8 Ashigaike, Noda-cho, Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture and is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except on Thursdays. You may contact them at +81-531-25-1234.


Cape Irago Lighthouse

Speaking of romance,
Cape Irago Lighthouse, is known as a sacred place for lovers located at the tip of the peninsula. It is 30 minutes away by car.

Cape Irago Lighthouse stands still with the great sea in front

The contrast of the blue sky, sea, and the white lighthouse is beautiful. It also looks magical when the lighthouse is lit up in the evening showing a different kind of beauty from the daytime.

Lit Cape Irago Lighthouse looks like it’s watching and protecting the boats, lighting their way.

Cape Irago Lighthouse is located at Koyama, Iragomisaki-cho, Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture. You may contact them at +81-531-23-3516.

Tahara Mekkun House

On your way home from a fun day, why don’t you visit
Tahara Mekkun House? This store reopened in 2018. 

The big sign

You can find products made in Atsumi Hanto Peninsula and Tahara here.

It’s where the people of Atsumi Hanto Peninsula gather to buy local products.

There are many products here that can only be found in this community. It has a vegetable corner, special produce corner, and straight-from-the-farm corner.

There is a line of products that are unique to the community.

At the vegetable corner, melons produced in Tahara are sold all year round.

Melons made in Tahara are so delicious! 

This city is also known for clams or
asari. At the souvenir corner, don’t miss out on their clam rice cracker with one whole clam inside it. Its crispiness along with the rich flavor of the clam match very well!

Tahara is one of the famous cities in Japan that produces clams.

Tahara Mekkun House is located at 5-74 Higashi Akaishi, Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture and is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. You may contact them at +81-531-23-2525.

Michi no Eki Chaya Nagayoshi

We also found clams at
Michi no Eki Chaya Nagayoshi. Another good thing about this place is that their clams are big! It’s definitely a must-try.

Here you can enjoy dishes made with ingredients produced in Atsumi Hanto Peninsula.

It was our first time to see a clam as big as this one! We even asked them if it was really a clam because of its gigantic size.

Yaki Asari
is popular for its texture and flavor.

The scent of soy sauce will make you drool. Take a bite and fill your mouth with this big and satisfying shellfish.


The flavor of the sea goes through your mouth with the
umami present in every bite. This is only the start of the delicious goodness! After eating the clam, leave the clam juice as it is and hand it to the staff. The staff will change it into Karakuri Meshi where they will fill it with rice, a quail egg, green onions, and dried seaweed.

This is the famous dish in Irago, Karakuri Meshi, which enables you to enjoy the big clam to the very end.

The clam juice with rich umami is mixed with the rice, quail egg, and the scent of dried seaweed. This dish is so tasty you shouldn’t miss it! It’s a trick you can enjoy twice at once. This kind of dish can only be enjoyed here.

Michi no Eki Chaya Nagayoshi is located at 5-74 Higashi Akaishi, Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture and is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You may contact them at +81-531-23-2525. (Inside of the Tahara Mekkun House )

Atsumi Hanto Peninsula warms your heart with their nice people, good food, and warm weather. Enjoy the paradise in Aichi all day when you visit Atsumi Hanto Peninsula.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokai Walker™ (16 March 2020)

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