Here’s How to Enjoy Golden Week While Being Mindful of Social Distancing

It's probably not the best time to travel but you can still have fun.

This year’s Golden Week is from May 2 to 6. For Japan residents, it is a 5-day long weekend and if they combine it with 4 days from their vacation leave, they can get up to 12 days vacation since April 29 is also a holiday. This chance of vacation is much awaited by not only the adults, but also the kids. However, with
the current COVID-19 situation, it may be hard to go on trips using crowded transportation or planning to visit popular places. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Golden Week. Here are 5 ideas for parents and children so you can enjoy parks a little differently.

Have fun using frisbees and skateboards

Even if it’s the park you’ve gone to so many times, you can still get active with frisbees and skateboards. We recommend the type of skateboards that are popular among children these days, which move forward as you twist your body. Also, if there is a big park nearby, it might also be fun playing just like you did when you were younger. Try flying kites and kicking cans and be transported back to childhood.

Go on a treasure hunt

How about going on a treasure hunt? Play some tricks in the park where you usually play. What about hiding balls you usually use or small stuffed animals you have at home? Setting checkpoints, giving out hints, and making missions can turn this into a game, which your kids will definitely enjoy. Just make sure to steer clear of other people in the park. Maintain your distance!

Go on a photo walk

Giving your child an Instax and going for a quick walk to the park nearby can make them feel like an explorer. You can give them a list of themes like “flowers in the park” to guide them on what to take pictures of. Both of you can also take pictures with your own cameras and then show each other your shots after. It’ll be a fun activity to try. This can also be a great way to get them more interested in nature in your neighborhood like plants and animals.

Have a picnic in your mini tent

If you want a pick-me-up, bring a mini tent for a picnic. Though mini tents are harder to set than picnic blankets for children, it can be something fun for parents and children to work on together. Bringing homemade rice balls and sandwiches and having picnic fun is also perfect for the warm season.


Visit parks with big playground equipment

You can’t help becoming used to parks in your neighborhood. So, it might also be a good idea to visit a park farther with a big playground and athletic activities. We recommend you go by bicycle because this way you can enjoy moving your body on your way to the park and home.

Get creative this long golden week, by reimagining the way you go to parks with your kids. You can still avoid crowds, get some sunshine, and go outdoors for a little bit if you’re mindful. Enjoy playing in the park with your children with the ideas in this article and keep safe always.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (23 March 2020)

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