This Is the Most Relaxing Way to Get Around Nagoya

Take a break from all the walking.

Nagoya Cruise
Ungacho, Nakagawa Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Fee: ¥1,500 for adults and ¥750 for children

Exploring Nagoya by foot is fun, but walking around all day can also take a toll on your muscles. Take a break from all the exercise by taking the Nagoya Cruise. It’ll give you the most spectacular views of the Nakagawa Canal and Nagoya Port landscape, as well as connect you from Nakagawa-unga Horidomejosenjo to Kinjo Futo (which is also convenient if you have plans of going to Legoland). But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

On the Nagoya Cruise, you can enjoy the scenery or watch the pilot steer the boat up close. For those who easily get seasickness, don't worry as there's a toilet at the back of the boat.

The Nagoya Cruise will start from the city center to Nagoya port, before slowly going south through the Nakagawa Canal, which is almost a straight line. You’ll pass through 13 bridges and see a different side of the cityscape.

The most impressive part of the cruise comes about 50 minutes after departure when two water gates separating the Nakagawa Canal open and the water level changes because of the full tide.

As you pass through these gates, the waves become stronger and the seemingly mild cruise becomes a bit more exciting. At this point, you need to be on the lookout for some of Nagoya’s iconic structures. One of them is the Meiko Triton, a bridge that’s 2,628 meters long. Fun fact: You’ll also be able to see the characters Meiko Triton written at the bottom of the bridge, which you don’t normally see.

When you take the cruise, you’ll also see huge ships docked at the port.

After 85 minutes of sailing, your cruise will end at Kinjo Futo Station, which conveniently gives you access to Legoland® Japan. Because it takes more time to get there via train or car, you have the option of taking the relaxing cruise while heading to Legoland, then taking the train on the way back to your hotel.

Provided by Japan Walker™ and Tokai Walker™ (7 October 2017)

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