Here’s How You Can Make the Most of Golden Week at Home

Staying at home doesn't have to be boring.

This year’s Golden Week is from May 2 to 6. For Japan residents, it is a 5-day long weekend and if they combine it with 4 days from their vacation leave, they can get up to 12 days vacation as April 29 is also a holiday. This chance of vacation is much awaited by not only the adults but also the kids. However, with the current COVID-19 situation, you may want to just stay inside the house to avoid crowded trains and places. Here are 5 ideas to enjoy even if you’re just staying at home.

Enjoy dishes that are more than your usual

To treat yourself for your daily hard work,  you may want to enjoy good food. How about ordering food or go grocery shopping at high-end supermarkets to get good quality ingredients?

At home, you don’t have to worry about choosing your restaurant or figuring out if you can snag a reservation at a popular spot. Use that time instead by having a meal with the people you love in the comfort of your own home. It’s especially nice for those with small children or elderly at home. If you’re used to eating out, this might be a good opportunity to try cooking. Who knows, you might be really good at it.

Throw home parties and online drinking sessions

If you live with friends but want something different than going out, home parties are perfect. It’s all set if you assign the people in charge of drinks, food, and dessert. You can talk without worrying about the people around eavesdropping, too. If you don’t want to do the cooking, you can also use delivery services like Uber Eats, chef services, or gathering under a dress code.

Online drinking parties are also nice if you want to talk to your friends who live far away. Prepare things for the drinking session, and once you connect your smartphones to go on video chat, it’ll almost feel like you are at a drinking party. Plus, you’re also practicing social distancing at the same time.

Enjoy movies, dramas, and novels at once

If you have a list of books, movies, shows you’ve been wanting to read and see, golden week is a great chance to catch up. Getting them at rental video shops and libraries and enjoying them all at once is one of the great things you can do during a long vacation.


If you haven’t already subscribed to video services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, now is a great time to start. Also, if you have so many books stacked up to read, this is also the perfect time to start reading them. You’ll be ticking off that checklist in no time.

Refresh your body and mind staying at home

Self-care at home is great for anyone who’s into health and beauty. You don’t need to go to a spa to indulge in a bit of relaxation. It’s a great excuse for some much-needed me-time, especially now that you’ve got a break from work. Try new face masks or bath bombs or even new facial massagers if you can spend extra money.

If you’d like to have a relaxing time, “digital detox” is also good. Turn off your smartphone and PC, listen to healing music or read in your room with your favorite scent in your diffuser. You might also want to try “mini-fasting” for a day to three if you want to care for both your body and mind.

Enjoy board games

These days, board games are becoming more and more popular. While games are readily available on your computer or phone, board games are attracting attention as you can see in the increase in the number of board game cafes in Tokyo. This way you can interact and have fun with family and friends.

Classic games like “The Game of Life” and “Othello” are good too, but there are even more games like “Catan”, which is set in a desert island, and “Nanja Monja”, a game that people in any generation can enjoy. They are sold at big toy stores, department stores, and variety stores, so visit these places with your children before the vacation to have fun. You might forget the time, having fun playing board games for the first time in so long.

Make use of your time doing something special at home. Since it’s a long vacation, you have all the time in the world to enjoy these things.

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Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (23 March 2020)

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