Gudetama, Hello Kitty, and More Sanrio Characters Bring on the LOLs With Their April Fools’ Prank

Cinnamoroll turned into a bad boy!

April 1 is globally celebrated as the day full of laughter and fun which is known as
April Fools’ Day. Every year, companies put a lot of effort in their April Fools’ prank which excites fans and boosts social media presence at the same time. Among these companies is Sanrio (Japan), whose characters were motivated by “wanting to make everyone laugh.” This year, Sanrio thought really hard about their gimmicks. Stick around and check out what they did this year.

Mimmy, Hello Kitty’s younger sister, starts Hello Mimmy Channel.

A trailer similar to Hello Kitty’s YouTube debut video was uploaded.

Hello Kitty Channel was launched in the summer of 2018 and currently has 251,000 followers. Mimmy, Hello Kitty’s sister, joins her sometimes in the videos. Around noontime of April 1, a short video announcing Mimmy’s YouTube debut was uploaded.

A trailer similar to Hello Kitty’s YouTube debut video was uploaded.

This trailer video is a Mimmy version of the original that was uploaded last August 29, 2018 when Hello Kitty decided to start a YouTube channel entitled Hello Kitty Channel Trailer. However, at the end of Mimmy’s version of the video, Hello Kitty appears and says, “Today is… April 1...” and then winks to the camera. Apparently, it was an April Fools’ prank prepared by the sisters.

Did the adorable Cinnamoroll turn into a bad boy?

complains about the others being back as he projects a bad boy attitude in his video for his April Fools’ prank. This is actually a revival of his 2017 prank that got a lot of feedback, Shinagawa Kyosokyoku.

Cinnamoroll’s Twitter post apologizing for pulling a prank.

However, at 3 p.m. on the same day, an endearing Cinnamoroll admits to the prank. We hope that someday it will be the real deal.

Badtz-Maru promises to be a good boy!

Hapidanbui adapts to the times and holds a birthday celebration online.

is composed of male characters from the 1980s to the 1990s: Pochacco, Tuxedo Sam, Kero Kero Keroppi, Bad Badtz-Maru, Hangyodon, and Pekkle the duck. On their Twitter account, a scene from Bad Badtz-Maru’s birthday celebration was posted.

The tweet included Badtz-Maru saying, “Thank you! Starting today, I will be a good kid!” but members seemed doubtful. At the end, Kero Kero Keroppi says, “Guys! Today is April Fools’!” as a punchline.

Gudetama publishes a fanzine!?

Is it possible for two popular characters from a certain anime being namesakes of Gudetama’s friends to work on a collaboration?


Fans are caught off guard with the announcement!

announced that due to popular demand, a spin-off fanzine featuring Satoru and Youto, Gudetama’s friends, is going to be released!

browses the fanzine just to find scribbles all over...

Another video was uploaded at noon to reveal that it was a prank. Gudetama ends it with a very suitable pun.

Aggressive Retsuko sells Resasuke’s mole!

Niche fans will love Resasuke’s mole.

“Finally! The finished product, Resasuke’s mole! Selling at
¥1,500 (tax excluded)” is posted on Aggressive Retsuko’s Twitter account.

secretly falls in love with Resasuke.

is a red panda that works at the same place Retsuko does. They frequently meet in the crowded train on their morning commute. He is a daydreamer who has a certain distinction when speaking that makes him mysterious, but nobody really knows what he is thinking. On the reply section, comments such as, “That’s expensive! (laughs)” and “I didn’t get what it was at first!” were prominent.

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