This Specialty Store in Japan Sells Adorable Sumikko Items Perfect for Pasalubong

Sumikko Gurashi are little critters found in the corners of the room.

Ginkakuji Temple Sumikko Gurashi-do
15-7 Ginkakujimae-cho, Sakyo District, Kyoto
Open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (from June 9 to September 5 and from November 6 to March 5, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) daily.

Ginkakuji Temple Sumikko Gurashi-do
opened last March 19 in the Ginkakuji Temple area. This store is full of Sumikko Gurashi products, which are adorable characters patterned after little critters who like being in the sumikko or corner of the room. This is the first Sumikko Gurashi only shop in the Kansai area, and the second of its kind in Japan.

It’s the first Sumikko Gurashi store that collaborates with cherry blossoms.

Sumikko Gurashi products with cherry blossom colored decorations.

The main concept of this store is “
sakura” because the Ginkakuji Temple is known for its cherry blossoms. Inside the pastel pink colored store, various products from their popular classics to the store-limited ones are lined up for you to see. Don’t miss out on their original limited products such as pouches, temple stamp books, Japanese inspired items, key chains, and snacks that are perfect to bring home as souvenirs!

About 1,100 kinds of products are available. Among those, about 200 are limited ones that you can only get from here.

Castella Manju (¥800) is available in two flavors: custard and chocolate.

Printed Cookies
(¥1000 with 18 pieces) are packaged individually, so they’re perfect for souvenir distribution.

(¥1600 each) has three designs so take them with you during your Kyoto sightseeing! (In the picture is Sakura Zukushi)

Burasage Nuigurumi
(¥1100 each) are sakura-inspired character keychains.

Take a walk along the temple roads with a takeout menu.

Another characteristic of this store is that they don’t only sell novelty items, but they also sell character-motif food items that are perfect for takeout. After shopping, take a look at the takeout corner and buy yourself a snack!
Sumikko Gurashi Yaki (¥300 for 6 pieces) are baby castella cakes made with their very own original batter that is fluffy and sweet. There is also colorful boba tea that matches the color of their characters. There are a lot of other menu items to choose from that fans would surely love.

Baby castella cakes in the shape of characters can be taken out in a cup or in a souvenir bag (¥700 yen for 12 pieces).

Tapioca Drink
(¥500 each). From left: matcha milk, strawberry milk, and milk tea.

Soft Cream - Vanilla (¥500) topped with character confetti and sugar candies

Take a lot of pictures at a famous photo spot.


At the end of the store is the
Sumikko Gurashi Shrine which is a famous photo spot in the area. Limited items like lucky charms are sold on the side. Here, you can feel the traditional Kyoto atmosphere. You can also find many decorations of Sumikko Gurashi here like the character objects at the entrance and inside of the store. Have fun taking pictures and enjoy the Sumikko Gurashi world.

Beside the god is the
Ebi Fry no Shippo character acting as a shrine maiden.

Ema (¥700 each) in original designs can be hung up in rooms too.

Character objects welcome the store.

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