Let Your Kids Help Out With Household Tasks With This Fun Activity From Kidzania

They'll be folding clothes and tidying up their room in no time.

Kidzania, operated by KCJ Group, is an establishment where kids can learn about the society and experience doing jobs like an adult. Since schools in Japan are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, kids are urged to stay at home. Kidzania came up with an activity tool for kids to be done at home where they can do some household chores like folding the laundry or tidying up their room. This is to help improve their communication with the family and start being aware of the tasks at home early. This way, the kids can learn while at the same time enjoying being of help to the household work. The tool is a sheet called the
Job Report and is open for children 3 to 15 years old. 

Kidzania at-home activity

With the cancellation of classes and being asked to stay at home, kids’ activities at home can be limited. This may cause some stress because hours will seem to be longer that might even result in miscommunication between the family. Kidzania had the brilliant idea of introducing “edutainment” where they stimulate the Kidzania experience at home—a special project that will allow kids to think of what tasks are there to do inside their homes. 

There are over 100 kinds of jobs and services to be enjoyed in Kidzania (Japan).

The Job Report sheet can be downloaded from Kidzania’s
website (Japanese only). Once printed, your kids can now start. They should think of things to do at home on their own and write it on the sheet. The time when they started and ended should also be written there. Once done, they should ask their parent or guardian to sign it. The accomplished sheet can be submitted until May 6 online. Those who submit will receive an original certificate from Kidzania. Visit Kidzania Tokyo or Koshien (Hyogo Prefecture) until August 31 and show their original Job Report sheet, Kidzania will give them their salary in Kidzos.

Kids can get paid for their help in the household.

The initiative of this service is for kids to visualize the household chores which they believe will help with the growth and awareness of the kids, at the same time, the communication between the family will come out naturally.

So kids in Japan, let’s make your stay-at-home worthwhile by helping with some chores and get a Kidzania certificate and a salary! 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (03 April 2020)


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