Turn Regular Doughnuts Into the Cutest Animals With the Snacks in Your Pantry

Kids and kids at heart are going to enjoy this fun home activity.

Now that schools are closed and remote work is recommended due to the threat of the novel coronavirus disease or COVID-19, people are spending more time at home. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do at home, why don’t you try making these adorable treats out of classic
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts? Content creators collectively known as Goma have come up with the steps that are so easy to follow, even kids can try their hand at this. What are you waiting for? Get your ingredients together and let’s start.

Only one in the world!
Origle-Hyakumenso which you may make original faces of animals

First up, the Origle-Hyakumenso will require some imagination. Find the snacks in your pantry and assemble them to come up with the face of an animal to put on your doughnuts.
Origle is what they call the Original Glazed (¥160) of Krispy Kreme in Japan. No need to shop for snacks to use for decorating. Just work with what you already have and use your creativity to come up with the designs.

What kind of animal faces can you come up with using the food in your kitchen?

If you don’t have a lot of snacks available, the next recipe is pretty easy. The
Wafu Doughnut Dango or Japanese style doughnut dumplings is a combination of Japanese and Western flavors. It might not be easy to imagine, doughnuts turned into dumplings, but they’re pretty easy to make. Just cut up the Original Glazed into six pieces and heat them in the microwave oven. Coat them with mitarashi-an (sweet soy syrup), kinako (roasted soybean flour), or black sesame, and create various flavors. Use a bamboo stick to skewer them like actual dumplings. Serve with your sauce of choice and enjoy!

Wafu Doughnuts
, doughnut snack served for some teatime.

Last on the list is the
Doughnut Tower, which anyone can put together. The finished product is definitely worth a post for your Instagram. Slice doughnuts in half, and stack them with fresh cream and fruits. The tower made with 3 doughnuts has a great impact and you’ll want to take photos! If you decorate it with your family, the atmosphere in the house will absolutely become bright.

Stack ‘em up

Are you game to try the three recipes? It’s guaranteed to lift your family’s spirits during this time, and you end up with delicious snacks and desserts, too. Take the challenge and post your masterpiece! Tag us on Instagram @spotjapanph so we can see your delicious creations.


Check out the details of the recipe below!



・Original Glazed

・Chocolate decorating pen

・Your favorite snacks


Use the decorating pen to “glue” your favorite snacks on the doughnut. It’s cute if you also draw with your decorating pen.

Round snacks are perfect for eyes, cheeks, and ears, and rectangular snacks are perfect for whiskers. Triangular snacks are recommended as ears and beaks.

Wafu Doughnut Dango

Ingredients (2 flavors 6 servings):

・3 pieces Original Glazed

・1 tablespoon black sesame

・1 tablespoon kinako

・a pinch of salt

To make mitarashi-an syrup:

・2 tablespoons soy sauce

・4 tablespoons sugar

・2 teaspoon sweet cooking rice wine

・1 tablespoon starch


1. Put ingredients for mitarashi-an syrup in a heat-resistant bowl and microwave at 500W for 2 and a half minutes. Take it out and mix, then leave it until it cools and becomes a thick sauce.

2. Lightly roast black sesame in a frying pan at low heat until it makes a good burnt aroma, then crush them in a mortar.

3. Mix kinako with salt in a bowl.

4. Cut Original Glazed in 6 pieces, microwave 1 for 30 seconds, 2 for 50 seconds, and melt the glazed surface, then, put them in 2 and 3 and sprinkle them all over.

5. Put 3 pieces each on a bamboo skewer, and it’s finished if you add mitarashi-an syrup!

Doughnut Tower


・3 pieces Original Glazed

・1 piece Chocolate Glazed

・100 ml fresh cream

・2 teaspoons granulated sugar

・5~6 pieces strawberries

・7~8 pieces blueberries

・4~5 pieces raspberries

・1/2 piece kiwi

・a few silver dragees


1. Slice a doughnut in half. Take off the stem end of the strawberries and slice them vertically, slice raspberries horizontally, slice kiwis in four pieces after peeling off the skin.

2. Put fresh cream and granulated sugar in a bowl, mix them until they are foam, then put them in a decorating bag with a star-shaped cap.

3. [1
st stage] Squeeze cream and put fruits on the sliced side of the bottom half of the doughnut.

4. [the attaching part of the 1
st and 2nd stages] Squeeze cream and put another sliced doughnut on top.

5. [2
nd stage] Like the 1st stage, put cream, fruits, cream, and the top half of the doughnut on top in order.

6. [finish] Last, squeeze cream or add fruits on the surface to finish. It’s cute if you sprinkle some silver dragees.

*All recipes are created by Goma.


A creative cookery unit by Mika Araki and Ryoko Nakamura. They are in action presenting works in chandlery design and media, mainly of food ideas, with the theme of food but without a specific genre.


They are serialized in the free paper “KRISPY!” which is published every odd month.


Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (6 April 2020)

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