Make the Best Travel Map in Japan as You Plan Your Next Trip

Share all your past travel memories with others.

Boldright, Inc
. initiated “#We’ll visit together again Japan Destination Support Project” last March 31 to support the travel industry all over Japan by making people look forward to their future trips. When you post a picture you took during your trip with the hashtag “Minna de mata ikune (we’ll visit together again)”, the photo gets plotted on a digital map creating “the best travel destination map” for everyone to see. 

“#Minna de mata ikune Japan Destination Support Project” started.

The travel and sightseeing industry is greatly affected by COVID-19 which is keeping people from traveling. Boldright, Inc. took this opportunity to ignite the excitement of people for their coming trips in the future and initiated this project to lighten up the industry until the crisis settled.

Tricks for the sightseeing industry to recover.

“Our company provides a solution that enables you to make an original map easily. Right now, our business partners like the airline, sightseeing bus and cruise industry, and others are experiencing a great difficulty in promoting their services. However, it’s not that we don’t want to travel, it’s just that we can’t. So, the need to travel isn’t entirely gone,” says
Shibano, the project staff.

Post a photo on social media and participate in making the map! Photos get pinned on the map of Japan.

Though it may badly affect the management of these travel companies if people keep staying at home, the industry also understands that staying home is the current top priority to protect people’s lives. Knowing the reality of the sightseeing industry is what prompted this project to begin with the hopes to “have fun together at home with people who love to travel,” so that the sightseeing industry can recover together after this pandemic.

A map made from every travel lover's messages.

A posted photo taken at Nikka Whiskey Yoichi Distillery.

This project that started last March 30 has been spreading among users and many photos of great sceneries around Japan have been posted on social media already. A user who visited
Nikka Whiskey Yoichi Distillery in Hokkaido shared a post saying “It was extremely fun trying rare whiskey. This was where I had the greatest time drinking. It was so good! I know Hokkaido had a lot of damage from the virus, but I hope when we all recover, I can visit again.” Another user who posted a photo of the beautiful sea of Kakeroma Jima Island in Kagoshima commented on her picture, “This color isn’t edited! People at the island were so kind too, making our trip fun. We cannot visit anywhere right now, but we will definitely travel again when the situation settles!” 


The beautiful sea of Kakeroma Jima Island with a warm comment.

“We hope to bring excitement without the need to go out right now. We also hope that all of us can travel again at once when the situation settles down,” says Shibano. “That trip was fun,” “I want to visit again,” and “Let’s get over this difficulty together,” post a photo with these kinds of captions and let’s make “the best travel map” together on social media.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (15 April 2020)

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