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nao〜☆(@evo3183) lives with 8 adorable Netherland Dwarf rabbits with tiny bodies and round, fluffy faces plus small ears and charming eyes. You can’t help but smile. Beautiful photos of the rabbits surrounded by nature and posts on their daily antics gained popularity and she amassed 67,000 followers on her Twitter account. We talked to nao〜☆ about the unique personalities of her rabbits and the charm of caring for multiple animals.

Daizu seems to enjoy being surrounded by cherry blossoms

In order of appearance, please tell us the names, personalities and charming points of each rabbit.

“The first one is
Kurumi (5, female). She eats anything but despite her big body, she has a reserved attitude. Anyone who gives her food is her favorite but she hates the other rabbits. The only rabbit she trusts is Daizu. Second is Maron (5, male). He has a wide, round face. He likes both people and rabbits, and among all of them, he likes to be cuddled the most. The third one is Koishi (5, female). She has good manners and a refined, gentle personality. She can also stand on her hind legs on top of her owner’s hand!”

Koishi showing off her special skill

Potato trying to look mystical

“Next is
Potato (7, male). We got him when he was 2 years old. His trademark are his plump cheeks. He’s aggressive towards the other rabbits but sweet to his owner which makes him my best friend. The fifth one is Donguri (4, male). He is usually cold but becomes affectionate at times and he can also do Koishi’s trick. Poteko (4, female) is the sixth. She is a big bully and she steals the others’ food. When inside her cage, she is the bossiest of them all but once you let her out, she becomes shy and quiet.”

“The seventh one is
Daizu (4, male). He is a curious, naughty one. I think he’s the most photogenic of them because of his light colored fur and neutral facial features. He keeps his cage clean all the time so he’s low maintenance. The last is Ouji (7, male). He’s the most popular rabbit in the store we visit often. He’s our oldest and acts like it but he has a baby face.”

An assortment of rabbits! A delightful photo of the brood.

What a big family! I understand some are even blood-related, like Donguri and Poteko being Koishi and Potato’s babies. In the first place, why did you choose to take care of rabbits?


“I always thought of living with pets as my ideal lifestyle because I’ve loved animals ever since I was young. And we also used to have a dog back home. Naturally, each animal has their own charming point, but (for me), rabbits are the cutest.”

Don’t miss the adorable couple photos!

There must be something appealing with rabbits or something unique in raising them compared with cats and dogs. Tell us what makes it fun or what makes you feel happy as well as the difficulties, if there are any.

“They all have unique personalities and behaviors so it’s fun just watching them! They’re like humans. It makes me laugh. I don’t find anything difficult in general, except maybe the shedding. Since they shed fur regularly, I have to maintain their grooming. Also, even rabbits get sick so I have to take them to the hospital and nurse them back to health when it happens. In the future, they will also need delicate care as they grow older.”

Poteko eating as much grass as she can fit in her mouth

That’s a good point! You can’t own a pet just because you think they’re cute. Ever since you started raising rabbits, have you made any lifestyle changes? And what are memorable episodes you’ve had?

“At first, I only thought of having a pet as something like a hobby. But as I did more research about rabbits, I learned about the industries surrounding them and I got curious. I realized I wanted to be more involved with rabbits so I quit my job that I had for 18 years and transferred to another one that’s related to rabbits.”

Kurumi looking brave with her ears sticking straight up

Wow, they did have a huge impact in your life. Now, your Twitter account overflows with the rabbits’ cuteness and numerous beautifully taken photos. What do you take into consideration when taking these shots?

“Anyone who has a pet already knows their charm, so I aim to take photos that make people who are not interested in rabbits think, ‘Hey, rabbits are cute.’”

Ouji pops his head from inside a box

Once you start looking at the photos of cute rabbits, you might not be able to stop. Through the owner’s lens, take a look at the delightful life of a big family of rabbits!


*The age of rabbits featured in this article are as of April 10

Interview and article by Risako Sato

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (15 April 2020)

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