Go on a Breathtaking Virtual Panoramic Tour of Nemophila Flowers in Japan

You can also view other flowers such as daffodils.

Hitachi Seaside Park Official Website

are currently in their best season right now at Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture. About 5,300,000 nemophilas make up the beautiful blue view in the park which brings many visiting guests when Golden Week is near. However, because of the current situation of the country, the park has been temporarily closed this year since April 4. Because of this, the park has posted photos and panoramic shots of the breathtaking nemophilas on social media to share the beauty of these flowers this season. The flowers change every day and are gaining very positive responses like “beautiful” and “It’s really great to see them even in this kind of way.” 

A panorama-view virtual tour

Hitachi Seaside Park is the new famous spot to visit every Golden Week with its beautiful nemophilas. Since “
zekkei (great scenery)” was nominated in U-Can New Words and Buzzwords Awards in 2014, and the “zekkei” boom came, the number of park visitors per year recorded over 2,000,000 people for 5 years in a row. Around 2,280,000 people visited last 2019, and more than 500,000 people visited during April and May which is known as the nemophila season. Nemophila became the flower that represents the park.

Nemophilas in Hitachi Seaside Park

This year, more nemophilas were planted from about 4,500,000 to 5,300,000, spreading across the park creating a wider blue scenery to view. However, due to COVID-19, the park decided to close last April 4 making it hard for us to see them with our own eyes.

The park’s official Twitter account (
@HitachiSeaside) posted photos and videos showing what it is like inside the park for those who were looking forward to visiting with the title “Flower diary in the closed park.” There were a lot of replies expressing their appreciation saying, “It’s great to see the nemophilas even in this kind of way,” and other messages like “I will definitely visit next year.”

You can also enjoy a virtual panoramic tour of the flowers in the park which was released on their official website on April 12. You can browse through panoramic pictures of nemophilas and daffodils taken from various spots in the park. It is the park’s first time to release these kinds of contents taken in their wide outside area.
Ozawa, a worker from Hitachi Seaside Park Management Center says, “Unfortunately we cannot open the park, so we started this project so that everyone can enjoy the view like they are actually standing and walking inside the park.”


Nemophilas can be seen from various spots in the park.

A video of
Miharashi no Oka accompanied with the sounds of nature was released on last April 20. More videos will be released on their social media platforms like a 4K video with a collaboration of a video taken with a drone from the sky, and one from the ground. Another content to look forward to is a nemophila and tulip guide tour video by the staff.

“Our moods tend to go down during this time of staying at home. I hope by posting photos and videos of our park’s flowers on social media and on our website, we can help make people feel at ease and relaxed at home,” says

Starting with hanami
 (watching cherry blossoms), it’s becoming difficult to enjoy beautiful spring scenery. Because of these limitations and restrictions, content which you can conveniently enjoy from home such as panoramic flower tours are attracting attention. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (27 April 2020)

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