Meet Hanachan, the Cutest Shiba Inu Who Loves to Sleep

She's Insta-famous!

Somewhere in Tokyo,
Mameshiba Hanachan (@mirimogu) is probably sleeping. Her 115,492 followers (as of this writing) are absolutely in love with all of her sleeping positions. Whether it’s with her favorite stuffed animal, in the loving arms of her owner, or sleeping comfortably on the sofa. We caught up with Hanachan’s owner to find out more about the lovely charms and daily life of this adorable Shiba Inu from Tokyo.

Everyone’s in love with the cute sleeping form of Mameshiba Hanachan!

Hanachan came to this house about 4 years ago. Meeting Hanachan is an unforgettable memory to the owner, whose dream was to live with a dog.

“Since I lived in a company condominium in my childhood and couldn’t own a pet dog, it had remained a dream. I had saved New Year’s gift money and allowances as ‘dog savings,’ but the dream came true when I got married. We were planning to get a male black Shiba, but we ended up getting a female red Shiba because of my love at first sight. That was Hana.”

A happy sleeping face that makes you wonder, “Is she having a good dream?”

Hanachan who joined the family has soft red-brown fur and a face that looks like she is smiling. The owner says what makes her charming is her friendly personality, and the way she stares at people who pass by when she’s walking because she wants them to pet her stomach.

“Not many people notice the ‘pet me appeal,’ but (when they pet her) she lies on the street and acts like she wants them to pet her stomach.”

“Sleeping” in her favorite bed

As you can see on Instagram, Hanachan loves to sleep! She sleeps too much that even the owner worries.

“Hana just sleeps a lot! I prepare many toys for her to play with when I go out, but the toys are in the same place when I come home, and there’s no sign of her playing. When I check the pet camera, she’s usually sleeping, or drinking when she is awake.”

She even goes to sleep when taking a walk…!?

Hanachan is slow-paced and always sleeps when she is with her owner or at home alone. But she gets excited when she goes to her favorite spot and actively moves around forgetting her sleepiness.

“She likes places full of nature, and she plays and smells flowers and bushes. Although she is always sleeping, she gets active in the wilderness. However, she’s not good at taking a bath or swimming in a pool. Even when I put her in a dog pool with a life jacket, she drowned. She hasn't gotten near the pool since then.”


When we asked about an interesting memory after getting Hanachan, the owner explained, “Some time after starting an Instagram account, I found a male Shiba dog with the same birthday as Hana.” Since the owner commented, “The birthdays are the same,” they started interacting, and found a surprising fact.

“The person went back on my Instagram and found a photo of a systematic document. We found out that they were siblings. I remember being surprised at such a miracle when many people are on social media. We managed to meet after that, but they looked and acted identical. Their personalities were also identical when I listened to the other person’s story. We were elated with the cute siblings in front of us.”

Her “pudgy” cheeks are too cute

Just looking at the sleeping Hanachan with her happy face makes you sleepy and seems to have a healing effect. When you’re busy every day and need a break, browse Hanachan’s extensive collection of sleeping photos on Instagram to help relax your mind. It’s quite therapeutic!

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (18 April 2020)

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