Yokohama DeNA BayStars Let You Feel the Spirit of Baseball With a Treasure Hunt and More

Feel the spirit of the games at home.

Since Japan is currently in a state of emergency declared by the government because of the spread of COVID-19, many people are spending more time at home. As the start of the professional baseball games is undecided,
Yokohama DeNA BayStars launched a project where you can still feel the spirit and mood of the games at home.

Have fun at home playing the new Nazotoki Takara Sagashi (Treasure Hunt) Game!

Phantom Thief Star Man -Challenge the mysterious doctor!
is a mystery-solving treasure hunt game that came out last April 14 following DB Pirates -Take back the robbed treasure!- which came out last year.

This kit includes 3
MY BAYSTARS original cards and a phantom thief mask.

Phantom Thief Star Man -Challenge the mysterious Doctor!- is the this year’s first among the series of projects. This is a treasure hunt game that requires you to solve mysteries that take place in
Yokohama Stadium and take back Steel Stone from Pass Ball Doctor, who plans to conquer the world.

In this game, the players solve mysteries by actually looking around inside the Yokohama Stadium. By using
LINE, you can also look for hidden hints in the stadium from your own home. If you manage to solve all the mysteries, you can have the chance to win a prize like goods and merch with DB. Star Man’s sign.

This game is made for those 10 years and older, so it is also nice to give it a try with your family. It’s available at the official shop (closed now) and
Takarush! SHOP.

Mystery solving treasure hunt game Phantom Thief Star Man -Challenge the mysterious Doctor! is available from
April 14l until the season ends. What you need: Mystery Solving Treasure Hunt Game Kit, a smartphone or a tablet with an Internet connection. Kit Price: ¥1,000. Content of Kit: Treasure Hunt Booklet, 3 MY BAYSTARS Original cards (Phantom Thief Star Man, Phantom Thief Kirara, BART&CHAPY), Star Man Phantom Thief Mask

Location: online (*1) or Yokohama Stadium (*2)

*1: You will need to add Takarush! Official LINE@ as your friend.

*2: Due to COVID-19, playing is available only online with the LINE app. A game ticket will be necessary when an official game is held at Yokohama Stadium.

Stores: Official Shop BAYSTORE HOME, BAYSTORE PARK (closed temporarily)

Background images you can use for your online conferences and drinking parties

Yokohama DeNA BayStars Original Background
was also released on April 13 which you can use as a background for your online conferences and drinking parties at home.


Yokohama Stadium (2 kinds), DB. Star Man
& DB. Kirara, and NEW GENERATION IS HERE, the slogan for the 2020 season came out. There will be 4 more kinds planned to be released soon like BART & CHAPY. More new designs will be added in the future. The designs can be downloaded from the team’s official Twitter account (@ydb_yokohama) and Facebook account (@baystars.official).

The blue sky and I☆YOKOHAMA.

The whole view of the stadium. You can also see the new left side wing.

Star Man and DB. Kirara’s faces are cute.

The slogan for the 2020 season is NEW GENERATION IS HERE.

STAY HOME. STAY SAFE. Video released from 8 April
Team Official Twitter account @ydb_yokohama
Team Official Instagram account @baystars_official

STAY POSITIVE -Now is the time to look up- released from 16 April
Team Official Website
The first video

Besides these, other contents are being consecutively posted such as
STAY POSITIVE -Now is the time to look up-, which includes handwritten messages released for a limited time by the players for children staying at home. You can also see how the players are spending time on the team’s official social media account too. In the hope that this situation settles as soon as possible, STAY HOME. STAY SAFE., a special and comforting video taken by the players with messages that they want you to do, is also posted online for everyone else to see.

Tobashira Yasutaka
appeared in the first video for STAY POSITIVE -Now is the time to look up-.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Yokohama Walker™ (16 April 2020)

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