Dance Your Way to Fitness With Hello Kitty and Shimajiro

Workout from home.

The Japanese government has recently announced the extension of the state of emergency, so everyone is expected to remain at home for a long time. For some, staying at home feels longer especially when you aren’t moving your body as much. Sometimes, we need to get up and start working out.
Sanrio’s most popular character, Hello Kitty, teamed up with Benesse’s Kodomo Challenge character, Shimajiro, to launch the You’ll always have your friends project where these characters invite people to exercise with them through the Exercise with Friends video.

Beyond the corporate and cultural boundaries, the characters gathered for this project.

The Exercise with Friends video doesn’t only encourage people to dance with the characters, but also includes some fitness training tips to build up physical strength with a plan curated by experts. It provides training from arms to legs like you’re working out with
Shimajiro and Hello Kitty inside your room. They want to deliver the message that they will always be with you even if you don’t see them in person.

First, some arms workout. (Ude, ude, genki morimori!).

Next is some leg workout. (Ashi, ashi, genki morimori!).

Strike a heart pose with the characters! (Chikara o awasete okina hato, dekita!).

Hello Kitty says, “Let’s all have fun while moving our bodies and stay energetic with smiles even at home!, while Shimajiro says, “I want to enjoy doing exercise with everyone. Let’s all be lively!” Even if we are all apart from each other, the two characters want to have one feeling with everyone else.

They are also broadcasting an English and Chinese version for people living outside Japan.
Kumamon and Cheburashka are also joining the bandwagon. Let’s all join the fun with them as we move our bodies for a healthy heart and body.

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Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (28 April 2020)

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