This Japanese Website Inspired by the Famous Onsen Lets You Send Warm Greetings to Front Liners

Send in your messages in 41.5 characters or less, the perfect temperature for a relaxing hot spring bath.

Beppu City
 in Oita Prefecture is one of the famous hot spring destinations in Japan that is popularly known as Beppu Onsen. To help promote social distancing, the city has launched a website project called &FLOW last April 28.

The onsen logo mark is made to represent social distancing.

Since the pandemic started, the number of visitors last March coming to Beppu Onsen had a 60% decrease compared to the previous year. The effect spread throughout the entire Oita Prefecture which is even lower than the effect of the Great East Japan Earthquake back in 2011.

&FLOW project’s logo is designed as an onsen mark where the steam is regarded as people keeping some safe distance away from each other. It also aims to become a symbol of cooperation between each hot spring resort in the area. They are hoping that when the pandemic is over, people will come to Beppu Onsen once again in good spirits.

They invite people to give their messages of support.

The website was created for people to write their warm messages for the healthcare workers, affected businesses like tourist destinations and restaurants, and for the people who are affected by the pandemic. The message should be within 41.5 characters whether in Japanese or in English. The number 41.5 was derived from the perfect relaxing temperature of a hot spring which is 41.5°C.The messages collected will be released later on shown like steam floating above the hot water. Messages posted on the website can be shared on Twitter, too. One thousand people will be chosen from those who shared on Twitter and will be given bath salts as a present.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (29 April 2020)

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