You Can Still Enjoy the Best Viewing Spots of Mt. Fuji at Home

Climb the mountains through your screens.

A lot of us are currently staying home longer due to COVID-19, which makes it difficult for us to enjoy the outdoors. We will introduce you to great scenery you can find in Kanagawa so that it feels almost like you went there. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kanagawa at home by scrolling through this article. This time, we will take you to the best places where you can enjoy a great view of Mt. Fuji!

Mt. Kintoki

See the great Mt. Fuji right in front of you at the start and the top!

Mt. Fuji from the top of Mt. Kintoki.

Mt. Kintoki
is part of the Ashigara Mountains which is known for folk tales and children’s songs. It is one of the famous mountains in Kanagawa as well.

Mt. Fuji is seen from Otome Toge Bus Stop. You will encounter Mt. Fuji right after getting off the bus.

Mt. Fuji from Otome Toge. There is an observatory where you can take a perfect photo of Mt. Fuji.

You can see most of Mt. Fuji if you use the climbing route from the Otome Toge Bus Stop. You can also see Mt. Fuji right after you get off from the bus. The view will definitely surprise you by its greatness. You will see it again at
Otome Toge.

From Mt. Kintoki, you can see to the foot of Mt. Fuji.

You cannot see Mt. Fuji much from Otome Toge, but once you get to the top, you will have a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji. The view will blow away your fatigue from climbing up the mountain. Your heart will also be moved by the breathtaking sight of the mighty Mt. Fuji. The view of Mt. Fuji from its top to the foot is beautiful no matter how many times you have seen it.

You can also see Owakudani and Ashinoko Lake from near the top.

Other sceneries you can enjoy besides Mt. Fuji is
Owakudani in the left and Ashinoko Lake in the back right.

Mt. Oyama

Enjoy Mt. Fuji from the top of the mountain that represents Kanagawa.

You can get a satisfying view of Mt. Fuji if you go to the back of Oyama Afuri Shrine.

If the weather is good, you can also see Mt. Tono and the Chichibu Mountains beside Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Oyama
is a mountain that represents Kanagawa, known for being worshiped by Minamoto no Yoritomo and the soldiers of Tokugawa.


In the climbing route that starts from
Oyama Afuri Shrine, you can only see Mt. Fuji from where the route crosses with Yabitsu Toge, but if you get to the top you will see beautiful Mt. Fuji and the Hakone Mountains.

At the top, you can see Mt. Fuji from the front. You can also see it from the back of Oyama Afuri Shrine when you go through the path next to the bathroom. The view with Mt. Fuji, Hakone Mountains, Mt. Tono, and Chichibu Mountains are magnificent.

Go up Oyama Afuri Shrine and you will see Mt. Fuji!

Also, if you stand in front of Oyama Afuri Shrine and look back to your left, you can see Mt.Fuji between the trees. This is also a great and elegant view you shouldn’t miss.

Mt. Ono

Here you can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji with fresh air from the grassland.

Mt. Fuji from the top of Mt. Ono is chosen as one of the “100 best Mt. Fuji scenery in Kanto”.

The top of Mt. Ono has a grass open space, so you can take your time enjoying watching Mt. Fuji.

You will see the top of Mt. Fuji just by walking for about 10 minutes from JR Yaga Station.

Mt. Ono
is in Tanzawa. This is nice for beginners who want to walk leisurely. You can also go to the top by car and enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji where many families relax on the grass. Near the top used to be a big farm and where you can still feel that from the fresh wind.

From any of the three mountains introduced in this article, you can fully enjoy the breathtaking beauty and magnificence of Mt. Fuji even from home and feel as if you climbed up nature.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Walker™ (21 April 2020)

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