The National Museum of Nature and Science in Japan Takes You on a Virtual Tour of their Exhibits

Enjoy VR footage at home during its temporary closure.

National Museum of Nature and Science, which is temporarily closed, is currently running with various services so that people can still enjoy exhibits from the museum even at home. Last April 24, they launched “Experience at home! Kahaku VR,” which enables you to enjoy realistic 3D views and spectacular VR footage as if you are in the museum. This project shows all of the permanent exhibits for free. There were many exciting replies on Twitter like “Yay!”, “It’s nice to be able to see these by taking your time at home,” and “This is fun for adults too,”.

The National Museum of Nature and Science released 3D views and VR footage for free.

National Museum of Nature and Science
in Ueno, Tokyo has a history of more than 140 years and is the only national museum of nature and science that has exhibitions related to natural history and science technology history. There are two permanent exhibitions featured such as the Nihon Kan or the Japan Pavilion, where you can learn about the origins of Japanese people and its history, and Chikyu Kan or the Global Pavilion, where you can learn about the history of the earth and science technology. In addition to these exhibitions, limited exhibitions are also held. This museum is enjoyed as a sightseeing spot where you can have fun all year round. More than 2 million people visit each year.

The exterior of the National Museum of Nature and Science.

This museum started showing 3D views and VR footage of the exhibits. We asked Tanaka Nobuteru, the PR staff of the museum, about how this project started.

You can see all the exhibits at Nihon Kan and Chikyu Kan.

In this long-term temporal closing time, the museum luckily got an offer from
VR Kakushinkikou, a general incorporated association, to take photos as a volunteer. They started shooting right away and decided to release 3D views and VR footage so that people staying at home all over Japan can feel like they are in Kahaku (National Museum of Nature and Science). With this service, you can view all 25,000 exhibits in Nihon Kan and Chikyu Kan. For example, you can also see the exploration area for families and children called ComPaSS which especially targets children ages 4 to 6 years old, so these may be a new introduction to core fans who have been to the museum a lot.

Feel the magnificence of Futabasaurus! See from various points


All you need to be able to watch the 3D views is a smartphone or a computer. If you wish to enjoy the exhibits with clearer images, get special goggles or glasses. Besides these footage, there are also other various content you can enjoy for free like explanation videos by researchers and videos that introduce Japanese Cherry Blossoms Illustrated by
Ohta Yoai, a pioneer of the Botanical Art in Japan, which was planned to be exhibited. 

You can enjoy clearer footage with VR goggles.

“We hope many people from children to adults will enjoy the exhibitions at Kahaku from their homes in various ways now that the museum is temporarily closed. We will be glad if people personally visit the exhibitions when we are open again. We hope visitors can feel something special when they witness the real exhibitions,” says
Tanaka. Don’t miss this experience that changes your home into a museum. Try it out and spend a nice time at home.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (27 April 2020)

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