You Can Take This Picturesque Hiking Course in Japan Even If You’re at Home

From historical to sacred trails.

Now is the perfect season to go hiking when it is not too cold, nor too hot. But unlike before, people are highly discouraged to go out and hike due to the government’s request to stay at home. Just to give you a picturesque idea of the hiking experience in Japan, here, we recommend this hiking course called
Itta Tsumori Tour which translates to “an intended to go tour.”

At the border of Osaka and Nara prefectures sits
Mount Kongo, famous for being the main peak of the Kongo Katsuragi mountain range and the highest peak in Osaka which prides itself for having the most number of hikers in Japan. The numerous courses can lead you to the Chihaya Castle built by the samurai, Masashige Kusunoki, a place where En no Gyoja trained, and other places that give you a historical atmosphere with a sense of romance.

This is also a place where you can feel the sacred atmosphere of the trails from the
Kunimi Castle Site to the shrine, the Diamond Trail, with stone lanterns and torii gates along the way. Winter is also a popular season for hikers when the trees get covered with hoarfrost bringing in a beautiful sight to witness.

First Stop: Kunimi Castle Site

The mountain’s summit. However, the actual summit is behind the Katsuragi Shrine but does not allow entry.

The summit of Mount Kongo has the most beautiful views of the Osaka Plain. The name derived from the fact that you can look around the Settsu, Kawachi, among other provinces.

Second Stop: Tenporinji Temple

Nothing beats a therapeutic walk in the forest!

Tenporinji Temple is an old temple on the side of the Kunimi Castle Site that was said to have been opened by the founder of Shugendo. The precincts are known to be flowing with mystical energy such as the grotto, Iwaya Monju, which is said to have been the place where En no Gyoja practiced ascetic. Pass through the vermilion lanterns and head for the Fushimi-Toge Pass.

Third Stop: Meoto Sugi 

This giant cedar tree is popular among couples.

This gigantic cedar tree called
Meoto Sugi is found along the Diamond Trail which is about a five-minute walk from the Tenporinji Temple precincts. The cedar tree is a popular spot especially among couples because of the root that contains a stone monument which has a message of gratitude for couples.


Fourth Stop: Ichi no Torii 

The road that brings a sacred atmosphere.

The trail from Kunimi Castle Site to the
Ichi no Torii or the first torii gate is a continuous sacred road that is covered with a spiritual atmosphere. It also has a beautiful walkthrough of 500-year-old Nio Cedar trees and beech forests.

Last Stop: Fumin no Mori Chihaya-enchi Park

Take a rest at a nature park.

Fumin no Mori Chihaya-enchi Park is an Osaka Prefectural Forest. It is a nature park in the Fushimi-Toge Pass that has an extensive lawn where people can enjoy their packed obento. There is also a Chihaya-enchi rest station on the other side that is free for use.

For now, let us enjoy looking at these sceneries from our home and refrain from any non-essential and non-urgent outings to ensure our safety. Let us all hope we can travel again soon in the nearest future.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (01 May 2020)

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