Let These Photos of the Itta Tsumori Tour Satisfy for Your Urge to Hike

Take note of the trails for when you can hike again.

While we are still discouraged to go out and hike due to the government’s request to stay at home, why don’t we use our imagination and explore virtually for now? We give you a picturesque idea of the hiking experience in Japan where we recommend this hiking course called
Itta Tsumori Tour which translates to “an intended to go tour.”

One summer season feature in Kyoto is the Gozan Okuribi bonfire. And in
Mt. Daimonji, it has been adored for a long time. The access to the mountain is convenient and the trails up and down are moderate making it an ideal mountain to hike for beginners and for day trekking. You can go with the Kyoto trail course where you start from Keage Station heading to Ginkakuji Temple. At the trailhead, there are also numerous popular tourist attractions.

First Stop: Keage Incline

A railroad track with a beautiful nature scene.

Back in the day, it was the Lake Biwa Canal which was the passage to go back and forth from Yodo River to Lake Biwa. The
Keage Incline was built to overcome the 20-meter elevation difference. In the spring season, the cherry blossom trees create a tunnel.

Second Stop: Himukai-Daijingu Shrine

A shrine that brings good fortune.

Himukai-Daijingu Shrine is known to be like the Ise Grand Shrine of Mie in Kyoto. It is also popular for having flowing mystical energy. At the back of the mountain, there is the Amanoiwato, a celestial rock cave that is believed to expel bad luck. There, you can get yourself an amulet that you can put inside your wallet and have it with you every day.

Third Stop: Mt. Daimonji Summit

You can see the Kyoto Tower from here.

The summit of the Mt. Daimonji has a small space. The Kyoto Imperial Palace and Kyoto Tower are only a few of what you can see from its large panoramic views. There are also benches where people can get some rest.

Fourth Stop: Daimonji Hidoko

A view of the city of Kyoto.

Daimonji Hidoko can be reached for about 15 minutes from the summit. From here you can have a good look at the vast area of Kyoto City up to Mt. Atago. If you walk along the stream, you will find the Nakao no Mizu where you can quench your thirst with fresh cold water.

For now, let us enjoy looking at these sceneries from our home and refrain from any non-essential and non-urgent outings to ensure our safety. Let us all hope we can travel again in the nearest future.


Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (10 May 2020)

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