Here’s How You Can Wake Up Feeling Refreshed According to Sleep Experts

Sunlight helps you wake yourself up.

How long do you sleep every day? The main survey results among
Tokyo Walker editing staff was 4 to 5 hours. This may be a one-sided result, but maybe there are a lot of “short sleepers” than you imagine. We also hear a lot of people saying, “I supplement my sleep on my days off,” and “It’s hard to get up every morning.” 

Due to a statistic by an expert, people nowadays are chronically short of sleep. Even if you sleep for 8 hours a day, it does not mean you are getting a good quality of sleep. It might be a type of insomnia if you get sleepy in the daytime or feel dull, nevertheless, you sleep for a long time. If so, you cannot leave it as it is because if the quality of your sleep worsens, it can affect your mental health as well. So, we asked everything we wanted to know from two sleep professionals so we can be well informed about our current sleeping behaviors. Why don’t you welcome a different morning from your usual one, and feel satisfied with your good sleep?

Problem 1:  All I want to do is to wake up feeling refreshed!

Every morning I feel out of it for at least 30 minutes even though I go to bed early the night before. Why?

Sunlight is the key. Draw your curtains for just 10 cm before going to bed. If you are still sleepy even after getting enough sleep, that may be because your body clock is in a light “jet lag” mode.

Sunlight is the most effective element to wake your body up because it can reset your body clock. The cycle of a human’s body clock is originally longer than 24 hours, so it loses the sense of time if you don’t see sunlight. It’s important to get sunlight in the morning to let your body know it’s the morning and to reset your clock.

“Since I have blackout curtains at home, I make sure to draw them a little bit before going to bed every night. I also personally recommend having something to look forward to when you wake up like a luxurious dessert to eat or a favorite drama series to watch in the morning. I feel like having something exciting in the morning makes it less hard to get up,” says Nishikawa Sangyo, Inc. Sleep Master
Sugihara Momona.


Getting sunlight naturally wakes up your body! Even if it’s cloudy or rainy, this works to some extent.

, an editing staff of Tokyo Walker, says she can’t get up well in the morning. Though she is sleepy sometimes even when getting sunlight, she says it’s also effective to pull your ears tight, read emails, and do some light exercise.

Problem 2: I don’t want to get up to use the toilet at midnight because of drinking!

You might get up at midnight for the toilet on days you got drunk and may not feel like you got good sleep.

According to Good Sleep Therapist,
Mihashi Miho, using a belly warmer or sleeping sideways can make it better. Alcohol tends to wake you up at midnight because it has a diuretic effect and activates your sympathetic nerves after it gets decomposed. Using a belly warmer can make this better. This is because it makes you want to go to the bathroom when your body is cool. This tries to get rid of the extra water inside your body. Normally, you tend to get deeper sleep by warming your body. By using a belly warmer, you might be able to sleep better even after drinking.

It’s best not to drink within 3 hours before going to bed before the decomposition of alcohol starts. Drinking before bed can loosen your muscles around your throat and make you breathe with your mouth or trigger sleep apnea. This can also make you not sleep well. Sleep Master Momona says, there are also many people who snore only when they drink before bed, so sleeping sideways is also effective to prevent snoring.

“I’m worried about snoring when I’ve drunk too much,” says Nakamura. Doing “tongue rolling exercise” to strengthen your tongue muscles or using a body pillow to keep you sleeping sideways can help you to prevent snoring, too!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (1 May 2020)

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